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I am the whole family babysitter. I take care of your whole family. Maybe that’s why I feel so satisfied when I leave your house after a night of family babysitter phone sex. I love the times you call me over to

watch your son Jay, hes is so young and eager for me to let him lick my young pussy and make it cum all over his sweet young mouth. I usually go to his room and slide my shorts and panties down, jump up on his bed and sit on his face. I have taught him where to slide that tongue and make my pussy purr.

When I am called over to watch M. she giggles and whispers in my ear to cum in her room, once inside she begs me to finger her tight cunt, I think I have created a monster, she never lets me stop until she gets that feeling and wets my hand. Mr A. is a whole different story. He calls me over to talk about my next babysitting job, we meet in his bedroom and shut the door, soon I am stroking his cock with my hands. He has used a pair of my cum filled panties that I have given him to stroke his cock until he explodes. I love this babysitting job so much, maybe one day we can all have nasty whole family play time together. Right now it’s time for family babysitter phone sex.

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