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Stevie 877-516-4561

My name is Miss Stevie and I am a Glamorous pre-op uncut tranny. I donít like the label, chick with a dick. I prefer something like your Glamorous Whore with so much more. I am your Hot nasty wet dream. I have so much more to give you than the average Tranny, nice big juicy titties, pretty dick sucking lips, beautiful rump to pump! I have been with all kinds of men, tops, bottoms, switches, cock suckers. My personal favorite is my Fuck toy boys. Iím all Woman in a manís body, but I still like kissing and making mad passionate love. It brings out the Woman inside! I have worked very hard on my voice, body, and attitude to be that perfect special Woman you have always fantasized about. I am into many things, I love being a switch and when I do watch out for Miss Stevie. You will hear me tell you my balls always need a good draining so get your lips around this beautiful shaft, and suck my balls while youíre at it, I may want to fuck your virgin asshole too, oh how I love virgin assholes! Iím a hot Tranny fag-maker so beware in my grips, you may never go back.

Stevie 1-877-516-4561

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