jessee1jan1I babysit for the Wally family every Friday afternoon. That means every Friday afternoon I get to play with Bobby, hes the young boy I babysit while the Wally’s are at work. I go down to the school and pick him up, they have me on their list as people that can bring and take out Bobby. We walk from his school down four blocks to his house, sometimes going to mine. I do take calls while I am babysitting Bobby from time to time. Bobby is a little stinker and loves when his special babysitter comes and picks him up because he knows we will be having fun later on. When we have our special time together, he just loves when I take his little penis in my warm mouth and run my tongue all over it. And when Daddy comes home, he pays me with his nice hard cock. Sometimes we let Bobby watch our Babysitter Phone Sex fun times. Why don’t you let me cum babysit for you too and you can pay me with your nice hard cock too?

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