cheating phone sexWhen you’re constantly being hit on like I am it’s often hard to pick up on the subtler cues that someone wants to fuck me.  Now, we’re an affection family and hugs are in plentiful supply, but the hug that my brother in law phone sex dishes out to me is more of a full contact hug.  I can nearly feel his heartbeat and I swear there are a few times that I’ve actual felt his hard on in his jeans.

After we had our normal get together this weekend, my sister excused herself early to the bedroom and I took an opportunity to test my theory on my brother in law.  I told him I thought his whole body hugs were the bomb and asked if I could have another, well as you can well imagine this ignited a spark that I had only suspected had been there for awhile.  While my sister slept in the other room I experienced the same dick that fucks her only in the best and most delicious of ways during cheating phone sex!

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