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My son came home from college and when I asked how it was he told me he had an encounter with his best friend and he didn’t know what to do. I told him it would be ok we will figure something out. My boyfriend’s coming over so maybe you could talk to him about it.

When my boyfriend gets there I tell him the story and we got this idea that he needed some more cock. So I had my boyfriend pull his cock out and made my son get on his knees and start sucking. In the mean time I had called a lot of my male friends over to “help” him with his problem!

So I told him that means that he has to have more cock and must be fucked and suck all of the cock I give him. I brought about 6 guys in and laid him on his back and I started by fucking him with my strap on and one of the guys stuck his cock in his mouth.

I made him beg me for more cock and I gave him a lot of cock to handle. One in his man pussy, one in his mouth and 1 in each hand and the others stroking their cocks over him just waiting for me to tell them to cum! Once he got that cum in his mouth and his man pussy I made him beg me for some more. But once he got a taste of that cum I didn’t have to ask anymore he just started begging on his own!

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