london191Trying on new dresses yesterday at Neiman Marcus I spotted a good looking men following me. He was very handsome with light brown hair and glasses and was wearing a very nice casual jacket and slacks. I did check him out also as I was walking through the isles of dresses. I went into the dressing room with four dresses to try on and was in the middle of slipping on the second choice when someone pulled the curtain open and came inside. Looking in the mirror I saw it was that handsome man I had been checking out from afar. I felt his hands around my body, cupping my big breast as I stood there in only my half slip and stockings and heels. He had no idea that underneath my slip was a eager pussy.

He gave my Big breast a squeeze and reached down and pulled up my slip. All this time he was standing behind me with his hand around me, one hand on my left breast and the other up under my slip. We both stared into the floor length mirror on the wall. I wanted to turn to face him but he had a firm grip, I could feel his Cock growing by the minute while he slowing started to grind on my bare ass. He had pulled up my slip and had now moved both hands over my big ass. Cupping my ass cheeks he pawed at them, like a wild animal tearing into his food. He quickly bent me over so my big tits were touching the bench as he used his knees to spread my legs. Hearing him unzip he entered my dripping pussy. I wanted it, I couldn’t’ wait to be fucked by this gorgeous man who had been following me around the store just moments before.

He fucked me nice and slow for about five minuets until I felt him pick up speed. We both started moaning and I pushed back on his cock when all the sudden he pushed in deep and we both had stumbled onto the bench and started laughing. See this wasn’t a stranger, this was my current man and we love playing these roll plays out in the public where no one knows us. Lets have some public Phone Sex role-plays ourselves on the phone It will be a lot of fun, I will lead the way.

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