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A lot of you guys ask me to be mom and want to make me prego with your baby. Prego role play phone sex is one of my favorites to play with my naughty young boys. I notice how a

lot of you guys like to talk about the time mommy was prego with a brother or sister and the way her belly was so swollen, the way her breast became filled with milk. Making mom have your baby is so perfect for all you perverts. I love being a kinky mom that is willing to do anything and everything with my young son, even if it means having his baby. Some of you fantasize about raping mom even if she says no and forcing that young hard prick inside moms aging hot box, still hoping there is an egg floating around. I think it is incredibly sexy when a horny bastard is able to keep up with me and my nasty imagination and out of control sex drive that all of us older women have. I love the way you and mom are just sitting on the sofa watching our favorite show when I feel your hand slide under the blanket I have over me, pushing your hand away, you get forceful and throw the blanket off and pull my legs down and spread them apart. Pushing your way between then and inside with that sperm container just waiting for it to go off. It wont be long before you blow the top off that container and up against my cervix. Now you just cross your fingers for a month before you try to have prego role play phone sex again.

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