jackie4tgI have always enjoy a level of exposing myself in public. Recently I attended a family reunion you know the kind where you a book a block of rooms at a hotel and just “gather.” Yeah, that kind. Well, I had invited the guy I was dating at the time. He went to the lounge one night and left me alone. I was reading a book and heard a knock at the door. I didn’t put a robe on and was feeling a little kinky because I assumed that my boyfriend just lost or misplaced his key. I opened the door and pulled my shirt up to flash him my gorgeous tits. It was my nephew and he stood there at first with a gaping mouth showing his utter shock.

Then he did something that shocked me. He pushed me into the room, told me how he’d always dreamed of seeing my sexy titties. He asked me if we could fuck for real? My mind told me this was wrong but my body betrayed me by making me as wet as I have ever been. We ended up making out and then soon we were fucking!

I love auntie phone sex…and I know you love it too so call me tonight and let’s hook up my sweet nephew ;).

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