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Just got back from a camping trip with four of my best buds. We went camping up at the lake and it was freezing. After a day of fishing we went back to the tent and had a fantastic fish fry. As nighttime came around it was weird, it was me and four of my best guy friends, my girlfriend backed out at the last minute. We sat around the bon fire telling ghost stories and drinking beer until about 2 am when the talk changed to sex talk like it always does. To make a long story short, we all ended up going in the tent and having a orgy. The guys all undressed me before undressing themselves. I laid down on my sleeping bag and soon had a dick in my mouth. Being the dick sucker that I am, I wrapped my lips around it and went to town.

I could see the other guys standing and jerking and said bring them dicks here. Taking one in each hand and stroking them, soon felt a dick in my pussy that was soaked by then. Those guys made a Cum Dumpster out of me! I had Cum from one ear to the other and my young titties were covered in white. My pussy was dripping with their cum as well as mine. We had so much fun camping and fucking that we’re ready to plan another trip and not invite my girlfriend.

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