dirty phone sexHave you ever just woken up and just been horny as fuck? That’s that way I was the other day. I woke up so horny I just HAD to call my “friend with benefits” * wink *. I know I know that makes me so slutty, but I just can’t help it! When you need a dick you NEED a dick!

Anyways, my friend came over to my house and we immediately stripped each others clothes off. We started kissing and he picked me up and took me to my bedroom and laid me on the bed. He slipped his head between my legs and started licking my pussy. Mmmm just what the Dr. ordered * wink *! I just had to have his cock in my mouth so we did 69. Then we couldn’t stand it anymore we had to just fuck hard. I told him to fuck me hard, just tear this pussy up!!

That was so fun and a much needed relief! My hornyness was tamed for the moment anyways, lol. I suspect I will be horny again in the future probably sooner than later! Do you want to tame my hornyness? I love sucking on cock and fucking hard. Just give me a call and we can have a great time! You will be addicted to me * wink *! Call me for some HOT MILF phone sex!

 Rose 866-681-2382

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rose.
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