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Do you think you can please this Ebony Goddess? I’d love to see you try! Only, those I choose as worthy enough will be able to worship this horny Ebony Queen. What is your desire? Are you a cuckold, dreaming about a big black cock fucking your wife as you watch her moan and scream in ecstasy? Do you enjoy seeing her pleasured by other big cocks? You know your little penis won’t satisfy her hungry cunt. I am beautiful inside and out and never get tired of hearing the compliments. I’m dominant by nature and I do enjoy when certain slaves stand out among the crowd. I don’t mind a little encouragement or coaching if I’m not hitting your fetish on the head. I know some of you are shy but just spit it out and tell me what gets your cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I have always been a sexual being and can’t help that men are attracted to me and always trying to pick me up. I don’t take for granted being blessed with a gorgeous body, pretty face and superb personality to match; it is no wonder men are always falling for me. I can never get enough men worshiping me. Are you looking for a beautiful dominant dark female to worship and obey? Look no further, you have found Latisha, your Ebony Queen for Phone Sex.

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