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I went from sugar baby to trophy wife. My looks get me anything and anyone I want. I dated your dad for a short time before he purposed. I got the big fat rock and the gorgeous house. I can do whatever I want. Your dad wants me to be here to look at, fuck and play house with. He’s paid the price. He needed arm candy and to attend his boring business dinners with. When your dad remarried you were resentful at first. (Only until you saw me walking through the house with barely anything on my slutty MILF body.) Your friends ALWAYS want to sleep over here so they can see what I’m BARELY wearing. You know that I want to fuck you by the way I am always looking at your bulge. You have seen me fuck other guys, but would never tell on me because then I wouldn’t be licking my pink glossed lips at you or slapping your ass as you walk by. You can’t wait to get a taste of me. You know I’m blonde, experienced, hot and easy. Your father paid for my big fake tits and I am forever showing them off. My perfect tight body and high heels dance through your mind as you close your eyes. Let’s get off together. Stop jacking off alone.

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