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What’s poppin pervs? I’m Diamond and yes, that is my stripper name. You don’t need to be knowing all my business and it ain’t like I’m meetin your momma so you can call me Diamond too. Who the fuck cares how I stack my bread to get all my shit I be wanting to get? I got all these nappy headed kids to feed, and they daddies are shitbags. I gotta fuck all the whiteys to get my bills paid. I’m a real bitch, sexy and slutty who like big white dick spreading my blackberry kitty and luscious thick ass. I’m a project mom from the ps for life, where slanging, banging and 40s are on every corner. I wanna fuck dirty and involve some of these useless brats in the mix. They gotta pull they weight too! Cum over to my hood if you want to abuse my fucking body, call me some ignorant names and get serviced like only an ebony milf stripper can!

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