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As long as I can remember I have been into eating fur pie. I remember in middle school when I was in girl scouts my best friend named Amy and me went to girl scout camp one summer and we stayed in the same tent. I grew up in Hawaii and she was a native of Hawaii, so tanned and beautiful with long black hair. She was my best friend since grade school and when she would sleep over we would sleep in the same bed and we would always play touchy feely with each other. She would suck on my little perky nipples and then run her hand down to my pussy that was drenched in my juices by then. She would love to put her ear right next to my face so she could hear me moan. Well anyway we were at girl scout camp and it was a rainy night and she climbed into my cot and sleeping bag. We started making out and feeling each other up and I sunk down in the sleeping bag so I could eat her pussy. We were both getting into it when she opened the top of the sleeping bag and whispered “don’t move”. I saw a light and heard the troup leader come in to check on us and asked “where is Jessee” and she told her I went to the bathroom and she got scolded for not doing the buddy system. She said she was going to look for me. The best part is I was still buried between Amy’s legs and licking her pussy and made her cum but she couldn’t make a sound. *HeeHee* I have lots more stores to share with you about Girl On Girl sex.Don’t be afraid to call and play with me, I only bite if you want me too!

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