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Let me tell you about a roll-play I did a while back and would love to do it again. If any of you guys like this roll-play just ask me about it and we can make it special for us. You’ve been watching me all night sitting at the bar. I am only about twelve feet away from you. You along with other guys at the bar have been sending me drinks, anonymously for the past three hours. Finally you get up the balls to come over and talk to me. I look you you up and down.Your tiny penis is bulging in your pants, and I notice right away and I laugh at you under my breath but you hear me. I suggest the two of us step outside for a minute. As we are standing in the dark, I immediately grab your little cock and say what exactly are you looking for with this little thing? You tell me anything I want. I tell you to follow me to my house so we can talk about it. I am thinking “Talk, yeah right”! I take you to the back of the house to a tiny guest cottage. Upon entering, I demand that you strip naked. Not wanting to, but afraid of what would happen if you don’t, you do so, not really wanting to show me your tiny penis. I start to laugh and push you down on the bed where tie you up with some silky rope. You are now bound and gagged. Now let the games begin! We can make the ending anything you want, think about it and give Ginger a call.

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