courtenay58pI was caught fucking on the job and fired when I was in high school. I was working at a Wendy’s and got scheduled for the closing shift. I was working with a couple of guys, I was the only girl. It wasn’t very busy that night and we were flirting and talking about sex. Talking about sex gets me very horny and wet. I couldn’t help myself but be turned on. Well one thing led to another and before long one of them offered to give me $25 bucks to show my tits. I said what the hell.

Showing my tits like that only made me hornier. Even though I was young, I still had a helluva sex drive and at 18 my virginity was long gone. My co-workers kept the heat on and kept making comments about how hot I looked in my uniform. They dared me to go into the walk in cooler and strip to my bra and panties. They offered me $40 to fuck a cucumber. I did it. I was so horny I would have fucked anything.

One of my co-workers then offered to fuck me for free. He said I had the look of a horny woman. He bent me over the counter and was fucking me from behind. I felt his cock all the way in my belly. I came so hard that I made a wet spot on the floor.

The next day we were all fired because this was all caught on camera.  To this day I get off knowing that I made a sex tape and didn’t even know it.

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