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Scat Phone Sex Enema Play

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My scat phone sex lover called me with a bunch of delicious ideas. He loves being my human toilet phone sex, and our talk in phone sex therapy today centered around a dream Continue reading

Are You Next In Line For Aunties Panty Boy Phone Sex?

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Why do I always catch you staring at auntie’s legs and my butt, are you hoping to get a glance of aunties panties? Could you be my next youngster that wants aunties panty boy phone sex? I can see you are trying so desperately Continue reading

Tawnee’s The Family Babysitter That Keeps It All In The Family

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I am the whole family babysitter. I take care of your whole family. Maybe that’s why I feel so satisfied when I leave your house after a night of family babysitter phone sex. I love the times you call me over to Continue reading

Nasty Substitute Teacher Phone Sex Gives You A Good Grade

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I walk into your classroom today as your substitute teacher for the week, I was excited to start having nasty substitute teacher phone sex, walking over to my desk I turn and bend over and sit down my bag and notice the whole room turns silent. I look so much Continue reading

Dirty Auntie Gives Nephew & Neighbor Boy A Spring To Remember

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I have been a very naughty auntie here lately. I have been having a lot of dirty auntie phone sex with my young nephew M. Although he is in college, I feel like a perverted sex fiend sometimes. He will be home for a while this time and I was hoping we didn’t have Continue reading