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Tawnee’s The Family Babysitter That Keeps It All In The Family

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I am the whole family babysitter. I take care of your whole family. Maybe that’s why I feel so satisfied when I leave your house after a night of family babysitter phone sex. I love the times you call me over to Continue reading

Nasty Substitute Teacher Phone Sex Gives You A Good Grade

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I walk into your classroom today as your substitute teacher for the week, I was excited to start having nasty substitute teacher phone sex, walking over to my desk I turn and bend over and sit down my bag and notice the whole room turns silent. I look so much Continue reading

Dirty Auntie Gives Nephew & Neighbor Boy A Spring To Remember

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I have been a very naughty auntie here lately. I have been having a lot of dirty auntie phone sex with my young nephew M. Although he is in college, I feel like a perverted sex fiend sometimes. He will be home for a while this time and I was hoping we didn’t have Continue reading

Punish me, please!

No Taboo Phone SexWouldn’t you love to just grab me by my skinny phone sex waist and bend me in half while you play out your taboo phone sex fantasy with me. I love to think about fantasies that involve being punished for wanting cock, what better thing to punish me with than exactly what I crave?

What can I say? Being a bad little girl really turns me the fuck on. I love it when we are bad together because having a partner in cumming is so much fun. I have played with girls and boys off and on for my entire young life so this phone sex job puts me in touch with even more horny people. I love getting wet as I anticipate what kinds of nasty surprises await this hardcore phone sex cunt. Are you ready for a cunt dripping wet with the need of your dirty phone fuck? You’ve found your girl, gimme a call.

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Savannah likes to keep it in the family!

TabooThis past weekend my sister and brother-in-law visited me.  We grilled outside and drank a lot of margarita’s and were feeling so tipsy.  We made a day of partying hard.  I had so much fun with my sister and brother-in-law!

I went to bed that night totally wasted and fell right asleep.  I started waking up when I felt someone next to me.  It was my brother-in-law arm wrapped around me rubbing his hard cock against my ass!  What a turn on that was, in a taboo phone sex way *wink*.  I turned over and started kissing him when I felt another hand on my shoulder.  It was my sister!!  She came in to join in on the action.

I love taboo phone sex so much!  I mean how sexy is it that I get to play with my sister and brother-in-law at the same time!  My pussy was so wet when we were playing!

So don’t be afraid to approach me, I am a no taboos, no limits type of woman. So we would definitely have some fun in our fantasy!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Savannah.
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Blonde bombshell phone sex

creamycourteI am the blonde bombshell of your dreams. Just look at me, I’m confident, high class and I know how to please. My desire to please is so high you’ll know it when you hear my voice as it is steeped in lustful thoughts about big cocks,naughty role plays, and just about anything else we can conjure from mild to wild.

I’m a size C cup with blue eyes that melt steel and a taste for the exquisite side of taboo phone sex. What do you imagine doing with this sexy body? Do you want to dress it up and then unwrap it as we fuck? Do you imagine finding a creamy surprise between these firm legs of mine?  I don’t mean just wet pussy either, I am talking clean up time from the many lovers that also love this blonde bombshell!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Courtenay.
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