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Foot and Shoe Fetish Phone Sex

Have a naughty fantasy about you on your hands and knees as I stand in front of you in my black high heels and stockings. I make you bend over to kiss my feet and lick my toes. I know you have a big foot fetish phone sex, and love coming over to my boudoir and rummaging through my drawers and closets.  Finding the perfect pair of pantyhose and shoes to wear you quickly put them on and admire yourself in the mirror. I need you to be my faithful foot slave phone sex. I will let you smell and inhale the fresh foot funk of my stocking feet and worn shoes after I take a long walk through the park,  I may step in some dog poo and will need you to clean my shoes off when I get home. Let’s make up our own foot fetish phone sex role play to get you to cum hard.

Cum On My Toes!

cum on my toes

I have absolutely delicious feet! They are perfect for cum on my toes phone sex! I love them sucked and fucked as well. My mature phone sex body is bangin, but I love a foot fetish phone sex session where you start at Continue reading

Toe Sucking Phone Sex

Toe Sucking Phone SexI know you guys love a woman in pair of sexy shoes but what I need at the end of the day is someone with a Foot Fetish Phone Sex. Seriously, what I wouldn’t do to have a man wrap his lips around my toes right now and massage them with his tongue. In fact, just thinking of that has me wiggling my perfectly pedicured toes under my desk right now. Wouldn’t you like to be under my desk? Oh being teased by my long toes as they wiggle right in front of your face.

Hoping I will say the words all Foot Fetish Phone Sex lovers long to hear. Suck my toes! Yes I know you want the whole foot but one must start somewhere? So let it be sucking and slurping on my painted toes. Your rough tongue gliding over that smooth lacquer finish on my toes nails. Bouncing over every little wrinkle on my toe knuckles. Oh and lets not forget your favorite part tongue fucking my toe cleavage. Yes I know it makes you so hot to see it in my shoes but it must drive you crazy to slip your tongue in between those toes too, the sweatier the better. Of course I am getting carried away here. For I just jumped right into you worshiping my feet with your tongues when really your hands should be where we begin.

See as much as I love having my feet pampered by someone with a foot fetish, I do adore teasing you guys first and foremost. Lets start this Foot Fetish Phone Sex fantasy out properly with you calling me. That way I can hear you whimper for every inch of my size 8 foot.

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