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Kristi Loves Sneaky Exhibitionist Phone Sex

exhibitionist phone sex



Many of my callers all ready know how much of a sneaky exhibitionist phone sex lover I am. I have always taken advantage of getting naked and taking a photo any chance I can. One of my favorite poses is outside someones house standing next to their car in Continue reading

Exhibitionist phone sex

Exhibitionist Phone SexExhibitionist Phone Sex

I was jogging at the community track this morning. The crisp clean air broke me out of my fog from a long night of phone sexing the night before. By all appearances I thought I was alone. Then I saw a young boy–must’ve been about 16 or 17 over by the bleachers. He was stretching. I thought he must be there to practice for the cross country team. I didn’t care. As I jogged I waved at him. I was wearing a white tshirt and tight exercise bra. My running pants were tight and clinging to my body. The boy jumped as if I surprised him.

I kept running and when I passed him the third time he was in a deep lunge. His hard cock was hanging out of his shorts and he smiled in a very perverted way. I nearly tripped because I turned my head to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I ran faster. I thought this kid must be a rapist or something.

I passed by the spot where he had been stretching–he was gone. I was relieved. I approached the first turn and a grove of azalea bushes when he jumped out in front of me. He grabbed my left breast and jacked off quickly cumming on my exercise pants. He laughed as he ran away….

I love perverts…wanna play with me?


Water sports phone sex

water sports phone sex
Sometimes even the most seasoned phone sex pro can have a deviant phone sex experience that leaves her bewildered. I am the type who does attract the deviants it seems so it is fitting that this sort of occurrence is commonplace on my line. Nothing prepared me for the piss fetish phone sex call I had the other day.

It started out quite normally. After the pleasantries were exchange the gentleman asked me if he could get high while we talked. I said sure, but planned to join him. He asked me to get naked and rub the joint on my pussy which always tingles and leaves me wet. Then he asked me to get a large-2 Liter bottle of water and start drinking. He said he would pay me for the entire time I drank the bottle, but he wanted me to know that he had a golden shower phone sex fetish. I was ok with this and was happy to have him on the line for the entire 60 min it took for me to drink the water.

We were both pretty high. He asked me if I had to piss and thinking that this was the penultimate time of the call I was ready to let it rip. He purchased 60 more minutes. I started to sweat. He said I had to hold in my piss while he told me a story. I said ok.

He said his best friend owned a tavern in Edinburgh, Indiana. He said that one night while he was tending bar a strange, old guy approached him to let him know something was wrong with the urinal in the men’s bathroom. His buddy, quite used to the shit and shenanigans that his bar crowd offered on the weekends wasn’t surprise, only jaded as he walked to the bathroom. The old man followed.

There in the drain of the urinal was a full on eye, and it was blinking.

Then a crash. A man darted out from the wall behind the urinal and he was soaked in piss.

“that was me the caller said.”

I planned it for quite some time. I was able to turn my buddy’s bathroom into a means by which I would satisfy my special urges. I was caught and had to do a short amount of time in jail for public indecency. How does it make you feel to talk to a phone sex deviant.

I am not that surprised, how many piss filled cocks did you empty into your eye?

I stayed there 4 days and 3 nights. My buddy pissed on me too.

Now I want you to stand up…and let your golden goodness run down your leg while you think about me taking it in both my eyes. He started cumming as I let the urine go.

Feed the need to show me your seed just like DD!

Exhibitionist phone sexDD and I have a long standing mutual attraction for showing and watching. First off, DD is young–just the way I love my guys. Young and unjaded with sex his cock is BIG and it gets very hard for me. Usually just my response in IM is enough to harden that young stud’s cock. And when I get that IM I know I am in for a helluva cam phone sex show. DD’s dick is long, uncut and completely smooth. He has heavy balls under it that I can just imagine pounding into my ass as he is fucking me from behind. DD keeps his body in impeccable shape so when he thrusts his hand I can imagine how he would look between my legs and thrusting with that massive organ deep in my wanton pussy. I cum so hard watching DD stroke and then spill large loads of semen for me. I love it when he cums on the table right in front of me. The only thing missing for me is my tongue in that delicious cum puddle!