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Anal Pleasure Strap-on Phone Sex

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Whether I am on a mutual masturbation phone sex call or not I am enjoying myself when we talk about sex. I can’t say that I cum on every call but sometimes I get so turned on I just can’t help myself. My hands start wondering towards my Continue reading

Hit It From The Back Wit Your Superior White Dick Phone Sex

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Some dudes are into racial humiliation phone sex and so am I. Bring your white dick to my nigger phone sex cunt! Call me whatever you want because I’m beneath you. I know you Continue reading

Nasty Substitute Teacher Phone Sex Gives You A Good Grade

nasty phone sex

I walk into your classroom today as your substitute teacher for the week, I was excited to start having nasty substitute teacher phone sex, walking over to my desk I turn and bend over and sit down my bag and notice the whole room turns silent. I look so much Continue reading

Smelling my own shoe phone sex

Smelling my own shoe phone sexI’m always game for something new. I had never considered that the smell of my own toes would be such a turn on until I had a guy encourage me to give it a try. We started off by getting an old shoe and believe it or not when I stuck my nose in there I was curiously turned on. The more I smelled my own pheromones, the more turned on I got. I really had never considered l’eau de toes phone sex before kinda sounds fancier that way and all Frenched up.

I got so turned on though that I ended up going for the freshest scent. Being as flexible as I am I was able to get my toes to my nose while masturbating. My caller encouraged me along the way. This is why I’ve turned into the type who never says no to anything new. No matter how weird or strange you think you fetish is you can count on me to bring the money shot because I will try anything once. More than once if it works out as odor de toes phone sex did for me!

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Sexy forbidden phone sex

Forbidden phone sexI was in my boss’s office yesterday taking dictation when I noticed him staring down at my Big Tits phone sex.  I can’t blame him, I did wear a button up blouse that may have been unbuttoned a little to far *wink*.  I also had on a miniskirt with a garter belt and stockings and some knee high black boots.  I love dressing sexy for my boss because he is so HOT!

I had my legs crossed and my stocking and garter belt was part way showing.  I notice my boss coming over to my side of the desk giving me dictation and looking down at my legs.  He was having a hard time giving dictation and I could see a bulge in his pants.  He got off of the desk and leaned down and gave me a kiss.  Then we started passionately kissing, I stood up and pressed myself against him.  Wow as we continued on my panties came off as well as  my blouse.  His trousers ended up on the floor along with his shirt.  OMG that turned into some Major Steamy Secretary Phone Sex!

So you have a secretary that is so HOT that you can barely get your dictation read to her?  Well call me for some Steamy Secretary Phone Sex!

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Toe Sucking Phone Sex

Toe Sucking Phone SexI know you guys love a woman in pair of sexy shoes but what I need at the end of the day is someone with a Foot Fetish Phone Sex. Seriously, what I wouldn’t do to have a man wrap his lips around my toes right now and massage them with his tongue. In fact, just thinking of that has me wiggling my perfectly pedicured toes under my desk right now. Wouldn’t you like to be under my desk? Oh being teased by my long toes as they wiggle right in front of your face.

Hoping I will say the words all Foot Fetish Phone Sex lovers long to hear. Suck my toes! Yes I know you want the whole foot but one must start somewhere? So let it be sucking and slurping on my painted toes. Your rough tongue gliding over that smooth lacquer finish on my toes nails. Bouncing over every little wrinkle on my toe knuckles. Oh and lets not forget your favorite part tongue fucking my toe cleavage. Yes I know it makes you so hot to see it in my shoes but it must drive you crazy to slip your tongue in between those toes too, the sweatier the better. Of course I am getting carried away here. For I just jumped right into you worshiping my feet with your tongues when really your hands should be where we begin.

See as much as I love having my feet pampered by someone with a foot fetish, I do adore teasing you guys first and foremost. Lets start this Foot Fetish Phone Sex fantasy out properly with you calling me. That way I can hear you whimper for every inch of my size 8 foot.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Tawnee.
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Savannah likes to keep it in the family!

TabooThis past weekend my sister and brother-in-law visited me.  We grilled outside and drank a lot of margarita’s and were feeling so tipsy.  We made a day of partying hard.  I had so much fun with my sister and brother-in-law!

I went to bed that night totally wasted and fell right asleep.  I started waking up when I felt someone next to me.  It was my brother-in-law arm wrapped around me rubbing his hard cock against my ass!  What a turn on that was, in a taboo phone sex way *wink*.  I turned over and started kissing him when I felt another hand on my shoulder.  It was my sister!!  She came in to join in on the action.

I love taboo phone sex so much!  I mean how sexy is it that I get to play with my sister and brother-in-law at the same time!  My pussy was so wet when we were playing!

So don’t be afraid to approach me, I am a no taboos, no limits type of woman. So we would definitely have some fun in our fantasy!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Savannah.
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