eva9Are you the type of guy who craves filthy bukkake phone sex? I bet the desire runs deep to see me on my knees with a circle of muscular horny cocks pumping and aiming right at my face. I know this sort of fantasy is extreme and filthy but I happen to be just the girl to fill this desire you have. I enjoy cum, I love seeing it spurt from the end of your cock. I love knowing that it’s me that made that happen. I enjoy having load after load spewed onto my face and being encouraged to taste the flavor of each meaty delight.

I’d like you to know that if your cock craves bukkake then you’ve found your home of the willing cum slut in me. I will always take as many as you feel is necessary and I will even lick out the assholes of a few of the guys to get them to squirt farther than they ever had.  I am so horny to lick up every drop of that sticky goodness you produce for me so why not call me and let’s have an extreme phone sex fantasy right now!

 Eva 1-866-692-4872

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Eva.
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