Daddy Phone Sex

Daddy Phone SexHey Daddy! I want to play a game with you. I know you love wearing mommy’s lingerie when she is away and don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about, I have seen you walking around in the teddies.

I think daddy phone sex will give you more sex that you need. I feel you need to feel more like a woman. Halloween is coming and there are many slutty princess costumes out there, ones with little tutu skirts and ones that will accent your soon to be tits. I would do our makeup and hair so you would be so believable as a woman!

I can’t wait to watch you bend over with your ass up in the air, skirt sliding up so I can see those cute little ruffled panties. The best part Daddy’s girl phone sex is that you do look so good as a woman, I bet no one will even notice. I know you like to make me happy, right? Well making you a sissy whore makes me happy!

I do know some boys we could have over, sexy young teen studs with cocks bigger than yours. I will tell them you are my cousin and when they are ready, just bend over and take those cocks. They will fill your holes up with so much cum.

Brother sister phone sex

Brother sisiterI was wearing a tank top, skinny jeans and a pink and white thong.  I was bent over looking under a car for my cell phone, my panties are sticking out.  You cum up behind me and ask if I need some help.  I raise my head up and it was my brother!

You were startled that it was me and told me “to be honest with you, you were looking so hot from behind, I didn’t realize my sister’s ass would look so good”!  As I raised up I could see you were starting to get hard.  I said I can see that you were liking what you were seeing.  I am liking what I am seeing too.  Is it bad that my Brother sister phone sex turns me on so much?

You ask if I need a ride home and I say yes. So you took me back to our parents place and we were all alone.  You told me how hot I was and you couldn’t believe you thought your sister was hot!  I said the same thing, that I thought you were hot and you turn me on!

So you grab me and deeply kiss me putting your hands on my ass.  You take off my tank top and start playing with my titties. Then you take off my skinny jeans and I bend over and slide down my thong, showing off my ass and pussy to you!  You lay me down on the couch and put your face between my legs.  Then you sit up and want me to ride you, so I slide on your cock and start grinding.  We both were saying how we can’t believe we are fucking our own brother/sister!

There is nothing like a little Brother sister phone sex to make your day!  Do you ever fantasize about fucking your hot sister?  Have you peeped in on your sister while she is showering or changing clothes?  Call me and let’s have some Brother sister phone sex!

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Naughty neighbor phone sex

sherrys09-e1441808808701This boy Jason lives next door and he is smoking hot. He moved there after his parents died and his sister kicked him out of the house they were sharing. I had heard stories that Jason loved fucking young phone sex girls. I had no idea if they were true, but as I am one for always investigating the local “whore” lore I had to find out.

So I dressed myself up like little red riding hood. That’s right, I put on a red cape under which I had stolen my Mom’s expensive red corset. It was trimmed in black lace and had black garters. It might be a might too big on this young body, but I didn’t care. I also stole my Mom’s silk stockings and her matching shoes. I knocked on Jason’s door and he was stunned to see me there so young and pretty looking for the big bad wolf. When I showed him what was under the cape though he didn’t hesitate said I looked “old enough to eat” and “sweet enough to fuck.” So I went inside.

As he was fucking me with his horny dick, shoving up and into my pussy from under me I told him my real age. *Giggles. What grown woman would play little red riding hood anyway?  Naughty neighbor phone sex with me is just exactly nasty and naughty!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Sherry.
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roni211a-e1443031039881While staying at my girlfriend Stayce last night we stayed up all night watching porn. We love to watch porn mainly to get us going and once we start playing and eating each other then we just like to hear the porn in the background. Stayce has the juiciest pussy around, it smells and tastes like some kind of tropical fruit. Her parents were gone for the night and we just stayed in and watched girl-on-girl porn, boy-on-boy porn and of course amateur fucking clips. The only porn I like is girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy. I don’t like the amateur clips of just fucking, I need a story if its going to be a lot of fucking.

The girl-on-girl porn is easy to relate to because I love eating a sweet, juicy pussy. I have been told I am very good at it and I learned how to do it at a very early age. I walked in on my Brother’s girlfriend doing it to her girlfriend and he was just sitting in a chair watching them go at it. So I just sat on the floor and watched with him until his girlfriend asked me to join them. When they took my clothes off I crawled up on the bed and they laid one on each side of me. After a bit of all of us rubbing and kissing my Brother said “eat her young pussy” and they did as he said while he started jerking off. So I relate to this better than fucking porn.

The reason I like boy-on-boy porn is because I have seen Daddy and his work buddy go at it in the basement where he plays poker. One time I was down there getting some games for my game boy and Daddy and his buddy came down and started undoing each others pants, I quickly hid behind the big chair in the corner and they never even knew I was there. I kept peeking around the chair to see Daddy’s buddy bent over the arm of the couch and Daddy had his old thing rammed up his buddy’s ass. It was very exciting to watch. Amateur porn just is boring to me now. What kind of porn do you like to watch?  I bet we can make some Dirty Phone Sex Porn.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Roni.
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