School Counselor Role Play

What kind of filthy pervert would call me for a school counselor role play phone sex call? Well one with extreme taste and the delight of an edging session gone haywire.. that’s who.. And this nasty role play went a little something like this..

“Oh hey why don’t you step in my office for a few minutes, I have been meaning to speak with you about your grades as of late. I mean looking at your transcripts you have always been such a great student… and lately I notice your grades are dropping… Is everything ok?”, I said with a smile.

” Well yeah I am fine, I mean my mom has been keeping me busy with chores. Like a lot of chores, and it is just me and her since my parents divorce”, he said nervously

“Oh sure I mean I remember my mom gave me chores and stuff too. Doing both can be kind of hard right? But I knew I wanted to go to school and keep my grades high so I always made time. It wasn’t always easy because I mean I was really social in school too. Looking at your activity log, it looks like maybe you are not in to many school social events right?” I opened the folder and showed him with a smile.

“So yeah, I mean my mom keeps me busy getting her ready for yoga, or drawing her baths, or helping her get dressed.. stuff like that. I mean I sometimes wonder if it is appropriate because I am a boy.. but I make sure she is shaved even down there…”, he stammered

“Well you know I would keep anything you told me in private a secret, but could you show me kind of how you help her.. you could I guess use me as like a stand in”, I said as I stood right in front of him.

“Sure, well I make sure her thigh highs are at an even height, and her bra looks good on her cans, and well sometimes I even get punished if I do it wrong.. She will you know she will give me a spanking … or stick her fingers in my bottom.”, after saying this he looked up at me as his fingers ran the length of the inside of my thighs.

Knowing full well this role play kid was full of BS I had to call him on it, and I knew just the ticket. ” You know could you show me how she would stick her fingers inside? I mean you could use my fingers? And tell me how to do it? I am always here to help ya know!”, I gestured for him to bend over my desk as I stood to the side of it.

Before I knew it this school boy had his undies dropped and was smacking his butt, showing me how to do it just right. Then he reached over and told me to use two fingers and run them along the inside of his ass. That is when his back door pussy started fucking the hell out of my finger tips, as I dropped the third in I heard him begin to moan.

“Oh no I am fixing to get in trouble, I am going to make a mess and she sticks four fingers in when I do that”, he said as he moaned and lurched.. His cock twitching out its load on the end of my desk. Without moving he took my spare hand and showed me how to punish his ass cheeks to finish off our school counselor role play.

Welcome to the maze of my mind, good luck finding your way out.

Big Titties just for you!

Big Tits Phone SexThese big tits are all for you. They are for you to rub your giant, gorgeous cock for.  I want to see you jerking that fat one so fast and hard–allow one hand to enjoy the hard, firmness of these tits that are yours.  I would just lay there–allowing you to please yourself at my expense.  I would watch your hand rubbing and rubbing as I smile and look at you with my big blue eyes.  I would invite you to cum on these tits that are all for you.  Let me show you how I delight in having your juice running down the sides of my huge melons.  I want you to enjoy your dew streaking down these fake tits that are all for you.

I want you to know that I only crave your pleasure–my pleasure is nothing and is secondary to your needs.  So use these tits to your delight–they are yours, I am yours.

Dear Phone Sex Diary…Meredith’s Secret Life

seducing phone sexI am a lucky woman because I am blessed with guys who not only want me to please them–they fucking go over the top to please me.  I had to share these phone sex diary entries that ended up producing one of the single most satisfying phone calls of my career.  You want to take me over the top–replicate something like you see below–I am all about a long set up–mmmmmm!  

Dear Diary,
I am a prick tease. I go around saying I am not, but I really am. There is nothing that compares to the thrill of the chase, but once caught I am like a cat–I play with my food and then leave it for the vultures.
My latest target is actually my boss–the publisher of the newspaper. He’s married to a woman who won’t screw him. Not a bad looking guy–total A type personality. But he wears that sexual frustration in his movements, his mode of dress, the way he eats. I have reasons for putting him on my radar. You see, I was passed over for a promotion in favor of another stiff dick from the city. Second time it has happened. I suspect Mr. Gets None is afraid to get too close to me, but that is something I swiftly intend to rectify. Needing leverage I decide to conquest my first married man. Too bad for him though–his dick will never feel the soft walls of the inside of this pussy.
As a matter of fact, no man has because even though I am in my thirties, I am a virgin.
It’s not that I couldn’t fuck, I could fuck all I want to with the way I dress and carry myself. It’s just that fucking to me seems like the end of the road. The journey is much more fun.
And so with this in mind I set out to seduce and ruin this poor married soul (not a bit sorry). He had invited me to lunch because he knew I was upset about being passed over for the Ad Directorship. He was Don Juaning his best too. Schmoozing me and trying to convince me that the chair was better in the hands of someone with more grit than what I had. He has no idea what grit is. I am thinking of all the delicious ways I intend to tease him as I eat my piece of coconut cream pie.
Specifically I was dressed in a red satin demi blouse that came to points at my hip bones and was tailor fit to my curves. I’d chosen that and an obscenely short black business skirt with French stockings. I accented this nearly pornographic ensemble with 4” black stilletto knee high boots. I looked more like a stripper than an advertising maven.
He removed his glasses and looked at me as I suckled on the end of my fork. I intentionally let my red fuck me lipstick cake the tines a little and was tonguing the white meringue when he asked me if I was feeling ok.
“Yeah, why do you ask?” I said.
“You look, I don’t know…”
“I look what?”
“You know you’re dressed a little provocatively for the work environment.” He said. He couldn’t even look at me because I knew (he didn’t know I knew) his boner was nearly jabbing the underside of the table.
Upon checking my email back at the office, I had received an email from my lunch date. He said I look smoking hot.
Several days later:
Dear Diary,
I’m having a private meeting with the publisher tomorrow evening after hours. We’ve been engaging in inappropriate sexually explicit email conversations for the past several days. He called me to his office today to discuss an important matter and during which he made me clean his office (the prick). I just smiled because I surely plan to have the last laugh here. Anyway, after asking me about my sexual history (vetting me for STD’s I guess) he then asked if I was on birth control. I said yes, but really I wasn’t. I have never needed birth control. I am a virgin!
Anyway, I have the perfect outfit assembled for this meeting. It’s a cobalt blue mini suit–again a little provocative in its tailored fit and peek-a-boo cleavage. That is nothing compared though to what will lie beneath that suit. I cannot wait for him to see me in it. Contrasting to my cobalt blue suit–I have on a striking white corset with push up bodice and a lace up back. There are small beads sewn into teh fabric throughout–I bought it in the newlywed section. I plan to go without panties but wear my extended garters and bright white thigh high tights. We’ll see who has the last laugh when I ruin his dick. At least he’s not get any anyway so it won’t be a huge loss.
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I will not be available on Thanksgiving Day–Wishing you and yours a very safe and happy Thanksgiving and to all of you who keep me well buttered–Thank you–I am grateful to have such a great group of men in my life!

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