Hypnosis phone sex–Cock suckers Needed

Hypnosis Phone SexAll men struggle with a latent desire to experience sex with another man.  This is a fact that is well grounded in scientific study.  The only thing that prevents a man from expressing or fulfilling this desire is societies labeling of said man as a faggot.  I believe that this is the source of mental disorder and disturbance, depression and anxiety.

So what I offer to you is a chance to sit back in your easy chair with a nice warming lube and an open mind.  Let’s go on a little hypnosis phone sex fantasy into the hallways of your latent sexual curiosities.

My voice is calming and soothing and my non-judgmental approach to this sort of phone sex call will leave you feeling as if you had really experienced the fantasy in real life.

Shall we explore your oral fixations–do you want to suck a cock?  Let’s go there.  Do you want to rub your cock against another man?  Let’s go there.  Do you want a man to fuck your hot ass?  We’ll go there.  Whatever the latency is, my meditation phone sex fantasy will make you feel whole so you can go on with your day as a real man.

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