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stroke your cockI walked by your bedroom and could tell you were frustrated for some reason. So I went into your bedroom and you said “Mommy, can you tell me how to masturbate”?  Sure sweetie, Mommy is here to take care of you.

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Are you going to cummie for your Mommy sweetie?  Mommy has a surprise for you when you do.  I’m almost there Mommy keep playing with your dildo Mom.  Mom, will you suck on my cock to help me cum?  So I get up, go over to you, sit on the side of the bed, and put my mouth around your young hard cock and take it all the way down my throat where I gagged on it.  Oh Mom, I love when you gag on my cock, keep doing it Mom!  So I keep taking your cock all the way down my throat until you tell me you are ready to cum.  So I sit up and watch you stroke your cock until you cum all over your stomach.  Now I am going to lick your cum while you dip a finger in it and taste your own cum!

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