Hypnosis phone sex–Cock suckers Needed

Hypnosis Phone SexAll men struggle with a latent desire to experience sex with another man.  This is a fact that is well grounded in scientific study.  The only thing that prevents a man from expressing or fulfilling this desire is societies labeling of said man as a faggot.  I believe that this is the source of mental disorder and disturbance, depression and anxiety.

So what I offer to you is a chance to sit back in your easy chair with a nice warming lube and an open mind.  Let’s go on a little hypnosis phone sex fantasy into the hallways of your latent sexual curiosities.

My voice is calming and soothing and my non-judgmental approach to this sort of phone sex call will leave you feeling as if you had really experienced the fantasy in real life.

Shall we explore your oral fixations–do you want to suck a cock?  Let’s go there.  Do you want to rub your cock against another man?  Let’s go there.  Do you want a man to fuck your hot ass?  We’ll go there.  Whatever the latency is, my meditation phone sex fantasy will make you feel whole so you can go on with your day as a real man.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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Can you say Extreme?

eva9Are you the type of guy who craves filthy bukkake phone sex? I bet the desire runs deep to see me on my knees with a circle of muscular horny cocks pumping and aiming right at my face. I know this sort of fantasy is extreme and filthy but I happen to be just the girl to fill this desire you have. I enjoy cum, I love seeing it spurt from the end of your cock. I love knowing that it’s me that made that happen. I enjoy having load after load spewed onto my face and being encouraged to taste the flavor of each meaty delight.

I’d like you to know that if your cock craves bukkake then you’ve found your home of the willing cum slut in me. I will always take as many as you feel is necessary and I will even lick out the assholes of a few of the guys to get them to squirt farther than they ever had.  I am so horny to lick up every drop of that sticky goodness you produce for me so why not call me and let’s have an extreme phone sex fantasy right now!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Eva.
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Big Girls Need Love Too

big pussyAs I was laying in my bed last night, I was thinking about all you Hot looking guys out there that love Big Pussy. There are so many of you that love Big Pussy and some of you are afraid to tell anyone. Big Pussy Phone Sex is so much better than that skinny little Snatch. We know how to make love to a man and how to make him feel good. Most of us BBW’s spend more time taking care of a man than the thinner girls do. We know how to spend our time down there if you know what I mean. For instance, when I make love to a man I carefully take his clothes off one article of clothing one at a time. I may linger at his pants, have him stand in front of me while I sit on the bed. I slowly unzip his zipper looking up at him in the eyes as I reach inside those boxers and take out that Cock. I smile and stick my tongue out and run it just over the tip.

While I am still looking him in the eyes I go ahead and pull those pants and boxers all the way down, helping him step out of them. then I have him lay on the bed, I stand up on the bed and start to undress. I take my dress or shirt off and throw it on the floor. I start to take my pants off slowly, swaying back and forth slowly to the music I had put on. Once I am standing one leg on each side of him I reach down and grab his hands and put them on each side of my Silky Panties and hold his hands as we both slide my panties down. I step out of them and gather them up throwing them at his face. I then lay down next to him, side by side. I wrap my Big leg over his and my arms around his neck. I then pull him close so he can feel my Huge Tits against his chest as I kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. We do this for about thirty mins. until he cant stand it any longer. He BEGS me to let him eat my Pussy. Of course I say yes. and we get in 69 position with him on top. We Suck and Finger Fuck and Lick each other until we cant Orgasm any more. We fall on the bed and curl up for a few until he tells me he has to go. As he is dressing he tells me “NO One Has Ever Made Me Cum Like That Before” “Making Love To A BBW Is So Much Better Than Those Skinny Women” and as he walks out the door he says I will be back for more of my Beautiful Big Woman Phone Sex!


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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by London.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call London at 1-877-234-7629
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