Craving a little shy girl phone sex?

shy girl phone sex


I might sound a little breathless when I answer I am so not tired. I am just really shy at first. I guess for me this phone sex thing is still new. That’s what most guys like about me when they call me. I am very soft and cuddly not only in body but in voice as well. I really get turned on when a guy tells me he understands why I need to do something like this for a living. That maybe, just maybe a chubby girl like me can totally be sexy and a great lay all at the same time!

I really love it that I get to play like other girls. I had a really super hot call today where I was the sister in law. All young, all shy and chubby. I got to really show this guy what I was made of. I mean what I don’t have in the bod department I definitely make up with my mouth. I also love rubbing a big cock against my chunky soft butt *blush. That made me very wet and a little embarrassed but once I sucked that 9″ we were all good to go.

If you’re craving a little shy girl phone sex then I’m definitely your girl. If you know anything about a true shy girl we have very creamy centers wrapped up in a very delicate, soft package. Try me and see!

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