Guided Masturbation phone sex with Mommy Rose

stroke your cockI walked by your bedroom and could tell you were frustrated for some reason. So I went into your bedroom and you said “Mommy, can you tell me how to masturbate”?  Sure sweetie, Mommy is here to take care of you.

So I take the covers off of you and revealed your incredibly big, hard, uncut cock.  It turns me on so much to watch my son masturbate his cock for his Mommy.  So I tell you to put one hand around the shaft of your cock and use your foreskin to move your hand up and down your cock.  I was so turned on watching you that I took my clothes off and started rubbing my pussy. I saw you watching me and your cock was leaking some precum.  I tell you to take your thumb and index finger, put them around your cock and start rubbing them up and down your cock.  How does that feel sweetie?  Oh Mom, it feels so good rubbing my cock like this!  I lay on the floor, grab my big dildo and slip it into my ever increasing wet pussy.  Now put both hands around your cock, move them up and down doing one on top of the other as you go.  You have been watching your Mommy, getting so turned on that your young cock is leaking lots of precum!  Now just leave one hand on your cock, rub it up and down while you take your free hand and put your palm on the head of your cock and start rubbing it, OH MOM, that feels sooooo goood, the tip of my cock is so sensitive.

Are you going to cummie for your Mommy sweetie?  Mommy has a surprise for you when you do.  I’m almost there Mommy keep playing with your dildo Mom.  Mom, will you suck on my cock to help me cum?  So I get up, go over to you, sit on the side of the bed, and put my mouth around your young hard cock and take it all the way down my throat where I gagged on it.  Oh Mom, I love when you gag on my cock, keep doing it Mom!  So I keep taking your cock all the way down my throat until you tell me you are ready to cum.  So I sit up and watch you stroke your cock until you cum all over your stomach.  Now I am going to lick your cum while you dip a finger in it and taste your own cum!

So if you need some Guided Masturbation phone sex with your Mommy, then give me a call sweetie!  I will give you the best Blowjob phone sex you have ever felt and you will cum so hard!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rose.
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Delilahs Lingerie Foreplay Phone Sex

Lingerie Foreplay Phone SexHow about you settle in for lingerie foreplay phone sex, with my panty drawer all over your lap and face. Seeing you rub your cock on my bras and panties gets me so wet. Knowing while I am at work you are jerking your main muscle to my cups keeps my pussy juicy all through lunch when I slip to the car to watch you on face time. Baby you edging so hard for me, makes me even more excited when I walk through the door and see you get on your knees because you want me to sit on your face and let you lick this pussy you find so addicting.

Leaving my panties on just so you can scoot them to the side while you squeeze my breasts from behind and grind into me gets me wanting to face and ride you slow. Pull the brackets on my bra one by one until my breasts are bouncing in your face and that helmet cock is slipping right into place, rubbing my ovaries just right. When I know your thinking of me during lingerie foreplay phone sex, I get so sticky and hot.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Delilah.
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Hypnosis phone sex–Cock suckers Needed

Hypnosis Phone SexAll men struggle with a latent desire to experience sex with another man.  This is a fact that is well grounded in scientific study.  The only thing that prevents a man from expressing or fulfilling this desire is societies labeling of said man as a faggot.  I believe that this is the source of mental disorder and disturbance, depression and anxiety.

So what I offer to you is a chance to sit back in your easy chair with a nice warming lube and an open mind.  Let’s go on a little hypnosis phone sex fantasy into the hallways of your latent sexual curiosities.

My voice is calming and soothing and my non-judgmental approach to this sort of phone sex call will leave you feeling as if you had really experienced the fantasy in real life.

Shall we explore your oral fixations–do you want to suck a cock?  Let’s go there.  Do you want to rub your cock against another man?  Let’s go there.  Do you want a man to fuck your hot ass?  We’ll go there.  Whatever the latency is, my meditation phone sex fantasy will make you feel whole so you can go on with your day as a real man.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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Big Brother Phone Sex Accomplice

big brother phone sex accompliceWell I do have this wanker patient that I just knew being a big brother phone sex accomplice would help him overcome some of his deepest and darkest fantasies. So when he came into the office for his session I suggested that I take him to a school I do a lot of charity work with so I could assure him he would never act on any of his perverse urges.

Oh yeah, this twisted guy did the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. Instead of it bringing him down to reality, it literally took him deeper into fantasy no matter how much I tried to steer him onto the straight and narrow.
After I found him a little girl to be his little sister every time I looked his way he had her half naked, humping her, and even ended up sticking his cock between her butt cheeks and slowly rubbing his dick against her ass hole.

Under the guise of telling her a story while she sat in his lap, he managed to damn near penetrate her right in front of me and you could see the horror spread across her face as his tip got wetter and wetter between her little butt cheeks.

Definitely a different variety of fantasy phone sex will be needed for this sick fuck, because he is just way to nasty to let loose in his fantasies. We must get this under thumb before you go get your pervert cock in trouble little dick guy with the gleam in your eye. Call me up if your in need of a fantasy like big brother accomplice phone sex. We can sin together and enjoy your dark fantasies, or even light. Welcome to the maze where there is no end in sight for your most taboo or light and fluffy kink fantasies.

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Enormous Cock Sucking Phone Sex

enormous cock sucking phone sexBoo you got some hella cock that needs enormous cock sucking phone sex suction. Just getting that thick dick tween my lips is gonna be a challenge but you know I am up for all that. Sucking to please on my head, back, knees, and all fours is just a warm up trial when you get with this ebony freak on no leash.

Getting that mammoth dick out them pants was like an early Christmas for me, for real 11.5 inches of dick I could lick up one side and suck down the other while I finger fucked his ass and tickled that g spot while he covered my chocolate skin with marshmallow cream.

That big dick was meant for rubbing and stretching pussies like mine out till that hot pink center looks well done if you know what I mean. Before he came he told me I had to get it in my ass and suck my pussy and ass off that tread making dick. Brings it baby and wiggle that dick while I twerk and work this thick booty up and down your shaft. This ebony milf aint scared of enormous cock sucking phone sex, cuz I know there is way to much freak in me to turn down a dick that goes past the knees.

I’ll chat at ya boo, ty for that kinky ass call it was bomb diggy for real.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jada.
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Rena reams your butt phone sex lovin’ asshole

phone sex ass masterThe blistering hot feeling in your crotch increased a little after watching me finger my moist asshole.  Your face is flushed as you look down at your cock.  It’s head is nearly vibrating with the need to sink in anal deep.  I watch you lean forward and a long string of precum drips off the end of your dick.

“Hahha, you are such an phone sex addict!”  I coo–with a little laugh.

Removing my finger from my asshole I approach you with the pungent digit and slide it under your nose.  You fucking love that you hot little fuckin’ pervert. Your cock takes over and you start humping the air like the wayward dog who got carried away.

“You do so want to slide that thing up this wet, juicy ass cunt, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Rena, I need it.  I need it sooooo bad.”

“I bet you do, darlin'”  giggle.

I show the large schlong that is black.  It’s like a night stick–and its ominous girth gives you a strange sensation.  You will do anything to have your cock in the clutches of my dirty asshole.  You’ll let me give you a rim job and slide that butt buddy home won’t you?

So you acquiesce to me fucking you hardcore phone sex style with the night stick like plastic dick.  You let me slide the entire thing in–it fills you.  It rubs up against pleasure spots that you didn’t know you even had!

“Yeah, I love fucking a nasty pervert fucker like you baby, you are gonna get this ass…”

And so then and there it is offered, only after you have relented and allowed Miss Rena the pleasure of pegging phone sex with you.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rena.
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Fisting phone sex won’t ruin Truda’s mammoth pussy

Fisting phone sexOne of the reasons bigger is better is because a bigger phone sex woman like me can take a lot more than these skinny as rails bitches. I can take fucking a lot longer for example. I am able to withstand vigorous pounding that would tear the fuck out those small, fragile pussies that hang on little girls. Fact is, my tremendous girth allows me to take it not only faster and longer, but deeper as well. I am able to accommodate large black cocks–have had 2 at once believe it or not.

But one of my favorite things to do–a guilty fat girl phone sex pleasure for me–is fisting phone sex. My pussy is big enough to accommodate anyone’s fist–and I love it when a guy makes me do it while we’re on the phone. Would you like to encourage me as I lube up my hand and phone sex fist fuck my fat pussy? I bet you’d love to hear how this chubby cunt squirts and cums for you!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Truda.
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Daddy’s Secret Panty Fetish

Fetish Phone SexDaddy Daughter Panty Phone Sex

I finally figured out why my Daddy is a nasty panty pervert! Are you just like my Daddy, I bet you’ve been itching to fulfill your Daddy Daughter Fantasy. But you and I both know it’s a very special fantasy. Some men like age play, role play, and to talk to all of us young girls, that’s just what gets them off. But I know what really gets you off Daddy. It’s something more specific that you think about when you’re stroking your cock, and thinking of your little darling, isn’t it?

I know it all started when I was much, much younger than I am now. Auntie would Cum over to do our laundry, gathering up my things from the laundry hamper, and it seems like every single time she did my laundry, one pair of my panties would disappear. I would be so puzzled as to why my panties were disappearing. And one day out of curiosity, I decided to hide in the laundry room and find out who was stealing my little panties. You couldn’t imagine my surprise, when I see Daddy, rummaging through my laundry basket, and pulling out a dirty pair of my panties! Even more surprising, was when he lifted the dirty crotch of my panties to his face, burying his nose in them and rubbing himself all over the face, chest and crotch. That’s when I saw how hard my Daddy’s big Daddy dick had gotten and realized he was turned on by sniffing my panties, it kinda turned me on. I watched him stuff the panties in his pocket and make his way back to his bedroom, and I decided to follow to see what he’d do next with them.

That’s when things got much more interesting, when I peeked into the bedroom and saw Daddy remove his pants to reveal a pair of women’s silky bikini briefs underneath his work uniform. He pulled out his hard cock, wrapped my dirty panties around that rock hard erection and started stroking away, moaning my name. You should have seen the huge load he released into them! So are you ready to live out your Daddy Daughter fantasy with Jessee? Call me now Daddy

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jessee.
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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Seductive Phone SexHello sweetheart, I got out every pair I own for your stocking fetish phone sex modeling call today. Seeing you so excited about watching me model my legs gets me excited too. Once my nipples get hard I seem to curve my toes a little longer, and inch by inch work my stockings up to my thighs while I watch your rock hard cock grow under my influence.

Now that I have this lycra and silk on my legs I want you to bring your your hands over and run up and down from my knee to my ankle while you slowly work my foot into your mouth. See how tight the band fits the top of my thighs, making my hips sway just a little bit more. Bring your lips up to the curve in my delightfully round bottom and kiss all the way down the back until you get to my footsie and then slowly make love to my ankles while you rub all the best places along my arch.

Not until your hands and lips have kissed each leg, and worshiped each stem will I change from one color to the next. After a long session of stocking modeling then you just might be able to sweet talk me into bending over and letting you kiss my apple bottom for giving you your wish cum true. Always a beautiful session in motion when I get you to myself for stocking fetish phone sex modeling.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Delilah.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Delilah at 1-877-509-7652
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Pussy Worship Phone Sex

pussy worship phone sexNever under estimate the power of pussy worship phone sex, especially with a minx like me. A real woman is to be worshiped, coveted, and nourished with all your undivided attentions. In my case I demand your very best every time I get my fingers on you.

Never is it about me pleasing you, or making you feel special. When you are on my time, you will be on your knees and kissing me from head to toe. Not a single, solitary inch will be missed.

Worshiping my feet, licking between my toes, kissing my delicate ankles while your hands massage up to my knees. Then those kisses in swirls, soft lips and fingertips along the inside of my thighs while you enjoy the view from between my valley. Even kissing up my ass, and tonguing my pucker spot you should feel honored being that close to my honeysuckle.

But first you have to show me you are worthy, you have to beg me for mercy. Beg for me to show you into my parlor where I keep the best of my girl friend experience for only deserving men. Never forget you will always be my servant, however sometimes when I met a real man.. charming.. intelligent.. and lust worthy.. then you are eligible for pussy worship phone sex with the maze of insatiable madness.

Hold on sweetheart and enjoy the ride.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Maze.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Maze at 1-877-509-3533
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