Favorite phone sex role play

favorite phone sex role playMany people do not know this but I started phone sex masturbating as the result of having a very sexually promiscuous mother. She would often walk around the house in robes and no panties having the audacity to play with her hairy cunt right in front of me and my brother. When my brother came of age he’d slip away to his room and masturbate. I’d see him through the window sometimes cupping a pair of Mom’s panties (I do not know if they are dirty or not) under his swollen cock. He’d cum in them. Then lay on his bed and play his Ninendo.

I’d always wanted to fuck my young brother and regretted that I didn’t take the plunge. It’s one of my hot phone sex fantasies that if asked, I love to share. Good thing my friend A called and we had a hot little brother’s cock phone sex call today. I got so horny when he described himself being a sleepy head and catching his older sister masturbating her horny pussy on the sofa. My pussy was leaking already as I sent him back to bed, tucking him as only the most horny incest phone sex sister would. Fucking hiding his young cork in my saturated pussy and making him ejaculate deep in my sister cunt is enough to drive us both over the edge. I can’t wait to see what we talk about next!

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Birthday Night Phone Sex

Birthday Night Phone SexYou would never admit to me that you were kinda Bi, but I kind of already knew you were. You tried so hard to be the man and wear the pants in our relationship ever since we started hanging out together. You try to be the one in charge when we have sex and Dominate me, but I am only playing along sorry to tell you. You’re so cute for trying but you’re no tiger in the bedroom baby. With your Birthday around the corner, I decided to give you something I knew would make both you and I very happy. You thought I was just trying to be a little kinky when I tied you to that chair and blindfolded you on your Birthday Night Phone Sex. But I did it to make sure you didn’t storm out when you met our present, Miguel. You would have felt like you needed to say no way and pretend that you were not interested. He stood so big and tall, with a huge bulge pressing hard against his black silk boxers. You could feel your own rising up for the occasion as well, even though your attitude refused to let you admit it. You reacted the way I expected my Bi Cuckold Boyfriend Phone Sex to react. You became instantly hard and precum started to drip from your cock when I told you I was going to fuck his massive cock in front of you. I them told you how I needed your help. I needed your lips and tongue to lube up his cock so that I could take the massive beast up my young pussy. Would you be angry at me and refuse to lube up my lovers cock so that I’d have to take it dry? Or would you guzzle it down and watch it pound my pussy relentlessly? Call me and let me know.

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2 Girl Blowjob Phone Sex

2 Girl Blowjob Phone SexMy best friend JoJo and I have been having a blast since we moved in with each other!  We have been going and blowing (literally) so much!  So many cocks where we live and we like to invite them over and have Blowjob Phone Sex parties with them!  We love sharing that cock so much who wouldn’t want two hot girls sharing their cock, right?

Of course we love to give those guys a show ourselves.  JoJo and I love to undress each other in front of those horny guys!  We like to kiss all over each other but our kissing just leads to our favorite part which we do with each other anyways whether there is someone watching or not.  That is licking each others pussy’s, those guys just go wild over that.

So if you are on the hunt for something wild just have yourself a 2 Girl Blowjob Phone Sex treat with me and JoJo.  Of course you can always call to do ONE-ON-ONE sessions too, just call me at my number or JoJo on hers!

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Enjoying Cum With My Sweet Girlfriend Krista

Enjoying Cum Phone SexWhen it comes to phone sex, I love playing with Krista and every guy we find to kink it out with. I do love playing when there’s a guy in the mix, well because I don’t really think that I need a reason to love cock. My point is that I almost never play with a girl alone, except Krista. We do a lot of Enjoying Cum Phone Sex together because we can never decide who gets the big load during a call, so we share the rewards. We make out and swap the cum back and forth between us, losing ourselves in the hot and thick saltiness of it. It’s beyond hot when a guy can imagine filling our mouths with his cum and us loving it so much! Sometimes we get into some steamy Lesbian Phone Sex if a guy wants to sit back and watch us fuck around. We love to play with each other and let’s be real, we love to show off for you, letting you hear our lips kissing each other, hear me put the phone down to Krista’s pussy so you can hear me lick that juiciness. I love making you cum by giving Krista’s juicy pussy a good tongue lashing, you will love it too!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
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Licking dick phone sex

Licking dick phone sexYou know I love labor day?  I love it so much that I want to labor my tongue all over your cock.  Can you imagine this svelt southern voice stroking your dick off to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in over the summer.  I know you want to hear me describe my lips as they slide down your rock hard shaft—how I will snake it around each ball and gently pull at them with my teeth.  I know you will enjoy seeing my cleavage under your entire crotch pushing up and teasing the cum up to the very tip of your aching cockhead.  You want a good dick licking phone sex session–and I am here to give it to ya.  I am a charming girl from the south who appreciates that finer things in life–especially the fine wine that comes from those aching balls!  Give me a call.  5 min free all weekend with the minimum purchase on as many calls as ya want to make.

Stroke it for Grace

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Toilet Phone Sex slave

Toilet Phone Sex slaveI sure believe its true what they say about blondes having more fun, especially during Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex. Especially the ones that have little Itty Bitty cocks and know it! What’s the point of trying to hide the fact that your tiny prick isn’t even as big as a fat woman’s clit. *HaHa* I must ask you didn’t you ever wonder where the term “Clit Dick” came from? I have seen Shemales with bigger cocks than what you have. They love that they have the best of both worlds. But you my dear friend, you don’t even have the best from one world! It must suck to know you will NEVER be able to pleasure a woman with that pathetic piece of skin hanging between your legs. With two little shriveled up olive pits beside it, which you think constitute as testicles.

Come on guy, you are nothing more than a Toilet Phone Sex slave. That is the only thing I can think of that a woman would have any use for you as. Some one to dispose of her piss and shit as she goes through out her day. But you can probably find a woman that needs to have a permanent fluffer. Wouldn’t you love a cuckold relationship you worthless excuse of a man? If that sounds like you, then boy have you come to the right girl. I will make sure to use you in all the ways you deserve for having such Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex.

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Step Sister Phone Sex

Step Sister Phone SexWhen my Mom and Step Dad got married he had a son that came to live with us. I wasn’t sure how that was going to be since I was a bratty only child.  Turns out we both found out how wild we were.  We started sneaking beer and alcohol into our bedrooms and getting drunk.  That is where our Taboo Step Brother Step Sister Phone Sex started.

Well hanging out in the bedroom getting drunk together started our love affair.  We started having sex in each others bedrooms.  We would wait until our parents were in bed and we would sneak into each others rooms.  We experimented on everything sexual and we got so kinky at times.

So if you are looking for some Taboo Step Brother Step Sister Phone Sex or any other Taboo phone sex then give me a call!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Iris.
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Little sister phone sex

Little sister phone sexLittle sister is coming of age isn’t she.  I see you looking away quickly when I walk by in my tight little Catholic school girl skirt.  You try to focus on that homework, but it’s increasingly hard.  Especially since I keep dropping my pencil and bending over in front of you with no panties on under that skirt.  Your cock is raging for your phone sex little sister.  You reach down to adjust it.  And as my voice fills your ear as you little sister I tell you how to touch it–so you can feel the tease in real time.

You touch and stop and enjoy multiple viewings of my tight, bald and young phone sex pussy.  Does that hurt, big brother?  Giggles.  I mean I can see it from over here.  Care if I have a closer look?  Giggles.  Oh, if you want me to come closer take it out and stroke it a little–base to tip.  That’s it.  I wish I could touch it, can I?

You’ll just love the tease and denial phone sex guided and goaded by your little teen phone sex sister Tori.  We can keep this up for hours as I learn all about the wonders of playing with a real cock.  After all, I am VERY curious about all things phallic!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Tori.
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This is Krista and welcome to my 2 girl Phone Sex Blog

2 girl Phone Sex BlogI say this because I share with my best friend and incredibly sexy roommate JoJo all of the cock together. Beware though, if you have tiny dick she will be measuring it while I am sitting on the couch laughing at you! You will be our little cuckold and forced to watch us get fucked by a lot of big black cock plus playing with each other getting that tiny thing of yours hard. But there is one thing I will say you are OUR BITCH now! Your place is at our feet graveling begging us to stroke your itty bitty cock!

It’s ok if you are not a little dick loser, we like playing with your big fat cock together! There will be nothing better than having two girls slurping on your cock together, naked! Then you can watch us play with each other and jerk your cock!

JoJo is so sexy don’t you think? So whether you want to play with both of us at once or you want a little one on one with one of us, just give us a call and we’ll show you a good time!

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Krista.
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Roomies Share Everything, Including Cock

2 girl phone sexKrista and I love to get fucked in different and fun places. But what you might raise an eyebrow at is the fact that we love to do it together. That’s why we’re so into 2 Girl Phone Sex, to the point where we can’t get enough of it. We both love to take a guy and make him our project for the night. We love to show him the joys of having two girls instead of one. Don’t you deserve two sexy girls to play with your cock? Krista and I know this hot Barista and we ran into him at the club the other night and invited him back to our place. He loves playing with us, and he knows exactly what to do with all of our holes. He loves the fact that we’re young and wild, so he always makes time out of his night to catch up with us. Some of our best orgasms have cum from doing 2-Girl calls with you horny guys, you all seem to have such good imaginations. We use every chance we get to get each other off and doing it with you guys makes it so exciting. We love playing together but we also do One-On-One Phone Sex calls with you guys too, if you want to do a singe girl call with me JoJo just call my number and say you want a One-On-One call. Now give me a call for some kinky phone sex!


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