Personal trainer phone sex

Personal trainer phone sexTo everyone who reads my blog:  I have a cum slut who needs accountability phone sex training and whom will receive frequent exposures on my blog.  I ask for input from all about what sort of punishments seem fit if this cum slut should fall short of the mark?  How humiliating it would be for him to know that the whole blog audience is participating in his failures!  Please provide your input in the comments.

I wanted to follow up with you based on the conversation I had with cum slut yesterday.

The chart that provides me with the information to make sure CS is hitting all benchmarks in regards to diet, exercise, erections, timed erections and extractions is great!  I would very much like to see if we could add to this grid a list of his bills and the due dates.  It would be so nice to have everything in one place.

I told Cum slut that I expected him to contact his mother so that an updated version of this grid can be sent for our next call.  The one I had was out of date.  Continue reading

Liposuction phone sex

Liposuction phone sexSome people hate extreme heat–I love it. Why? Because I sweat. And when I sweat–it’s like everything else I do–it’s BIG–widespread and tasty. So it’s Fourth of July weekend and of course there is the occasional loser who wants to experience the humidity in ALL of my folds. Especially the crack of my ass. I call this liposuction phone sex for losers–and my favorite loser called the other day to provide me with the liposuction that I needed.

Truda owns his no dick havin’ ass that’s right. He’s almost not good enough for the sweat and semen stains on my ass–but because he’s my bitch I let him have a taste anyway. Of course he doesn’t get any air. I sit fully on his face with this 54″ of wonderful wide load fun. Rubbin’ it in. Bouncing it on him while I make fun of his little clitty. That itty bitty clitty gets pinched in my fingers while he roots this nasty ass during liposuction phone sex for losers!

Serve your wide load goddess tonight–I’m just heating up!

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Toe Sucking Phone Sex

Toe Sucking Phone SexI know you guys love a woman in pair of sexy shoes but what I need at the end of the day is someone with a Foot Fetish Phone Sex. Seriously, what I wouldn’t do to have a man wrap his lips around my toes right now and massage them with his tongue. In fact, just thinking of that has me wiggling my perfectly pedicured toes under my desk right now. Wouldn’t you like to be under my desk? Oh being teased by my long toes as they wiggle right in front of your face.

Hoping I will say the words all Foot Fetish Phone Sex lovers long to hear. Suck my toes! Yes I know you want the whole foot but one must start somewhere? So let it be sucking and slurping on my painted toes. Your rough tongue gliding over that smooth lacquer finish on my toes nails. Bouncing over every little wrinkle on my toe knuckles. Oh and lets not forget your favorite part tongue fucking my toe cleavage. Yes I know it makes you so hot to see it in my shoes but it must drive you crazy to slip your tongue in between those toes too, the sweatier the better. Of course I am getting carried away here. For I just jumped right into you worshiping my feet with your tongues when really your hands should be where we begin.

See as much as I love having my feet pampered by someone with a foot fetish, I do adore teasing you guys first and foremost. Lets start this Foot Fetish Phone Sex fantasy out properly with you calling me. That way I can hear you whimper for every inch of my size 8 foot.

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Dirty Imaginative Phone Sex

Dirty Imaginative Phone SexI may look sweet and innocent but I’m actually a naughty little slut who gets off on having really Dirty Imaginative Phone Sex with wild imaginative, dominating men! I love being controlled and made to do things that are over the top, the Kinkier the Fetish, the wetter my young pussy gets ! I’m naughty on purpose because I like to be punished and punished HARD! One of my favorite caller’s goes on webcam for me and his big cock gets hard just seeing how far he can go while teasing me, he gives me a peep show, teasing his dick and balls and fucking his ass for me.

He loves to combine his dirty little fantasies into one Twisted, cock sucking, gang banging, incestuous, slave whoring slut fest. My pretty little pussy is throbbing right now just thinking about it! If you think you have a fantasy that is so far out there that you would never tell anyone about it, but have always wanted to explode with someone having Dirty Imaginative Phone Sex, you have my number, sweetheart.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Roni.
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Naughty Ebony Neighbor Phone Sex

Naughty neighbor phone sexYou are in the recreation room staring out of the big window kind of off in your own little world.  You didn’t hear me come in and I ask what you are doing and you just told me that you were day dreaming.  I know that isn’t true because you have been staring at our new Ebony neighbor.  I look out the window and she is bent over in the flower bed with her butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts.

I look out the window and see her and decide that I was going to do anything you have ever wanted to do with her.  I look down and see the bulge in your pants and I undo the buckle of your pants, unbutton and unzip them and pull them down along with your underwear.  I look up at you with my eye fuck eyes and wrap my mouth around your hard cock.  About that time our neighbor bent over and you could see the beautiful ebony breasts of our neighbor and you grab the back of my head and use my mouth as your own personal fuck cunt until you cum in my mouth, I stand up and give you a kiss snowballing your cum into your mouth.

We invite our new neighbors over for some Naughty neighbor phone sex.  At first we stood around talking and drinking.  Then we move into our “special room”, it has all kinds of sex toys and gadgets in there.  Pretty soon we were all undressed and I was sucking on that ebony pussy and her husband was behind me putting his Big Black Cock into my pussy fucking me hard.  You are so turned on watching me getting fucked that you stuck your cock into that beautiful ebony mouth of hers.  You start fucking her mouth until you shot your load, I got up from licking her pussy, give her a kiss and she snowballed your cum into my mouth.  As I am getting fucked I have you lean down and kiss me getting a taste of that ebony cum and I snowballed your own cum into your mouth!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Robin.
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Massive 11″ cock phone sex

Big Black Cock phone sexI love my husband and everything but sometimes I crave some Big Black Cock phone sex.  I like to Cuckold phone sex my husband with these HUGE cocks because he doesn’t have that big of a dick.  So I like to taunt him by flaunting these big cocks in front of his face!

I have a long list of Big Black Cock guys that I can call up when I have this craving.  They don’t mind the last  minute calls for a booty call because they love fucking this MILF phone sex pussy!

So I sat my husband in his favorite chair next to the bed.  I got all dressed up in a black lacy teddy, lacy garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heels.  One of my favorite Big Black Cock guy’s came into the bedroom.  He has a massive 11″ cock that just makes my pussy squirt!  So I take off my teddy and lay on the bed, the guy dove right in licking my pussy, mmmm.  My husband loves to watch me get pleasure so he pulls out his cock.  What I like to do is put my husbands cock next to his cock and tell my husband he has a small cock that doesn’t satisfy me.  Then I get on my hands and knees and the guy puts his huge cock into my tight pussy fucking me and my husband was just jerking away.  My pussy was dripping wet and I could tell the guy was going to cum and I love feeling his large load of cum splashing into  my pussy.  Then I like to make my husband lick out the Phone Sex Cream Pie after we are done!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Robin.
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Got a big surprise for mommy phone sex?

Got a big surprise for mommy phone sexWhat a naughty boy you are during our mother son phone sex time! You brought me a little present to wear didn’t you? Do you think my cunt looks hot in these new leopard panties? No one has any idea just how fucking Sick, Crazed and Fucking insanely incest lusting for my fucking wet pussy you are. I bet you could fuck me right now couldn’t you? As you sit there spying on me as I shower. Watching mommy like a dirty pervert jacking off as you pretend to pee. You have no idea that when I get out of this shower there is going to be sucking, and inhaling and eating and swallowing of every inch of your dick in my mouth.

When you call me, go ahead and tell me how bad you want to fuck mommy. I love hearing how badly you want to wake up mommy with your hard cock pounding away hard in my wet hole. I am well aware of all my silky thongs that go missing from my panty drawer? It’s OK sweetie, you can fuck your mother!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Ruth.
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Panty boy phone sex

panty boy phone sexYou called me with every intention to do some Perverted phone sex. You have sneaked into your Step Mom’s bedroom and retrieved some dirty panties from her hamper, some homemade sex dvd’s and her favorite dildo. You being a Phone Sex Panty Boy have already put on a pair of silky, bikini style panties, they are pressing against your hard cock feeling so good and you have laid the other used panties on your bed.

You have on a silky robe with those silky panties underneath and it feels so good and soft on your body that it is making your cock harder and turning you on so bad. You get those dirty panties off of your bed and start sniffing and licking them telling me how good they smell and taste. You slip off the robe, the arms of the robe moving slowly down your arms. Now you can’t wait to start playing with that dildo.

The reason you are anxious to play with her favorite dildo is because you know she hasn’t cleaned it off yet and the taste of her flavored lube and pussy juice are going to be on that dildo. Those Homemade DVD’s featuring your step mom, playing with her dildo, are playing in the background. That is getting you so excited that you get on the bed on your hands and knees and put your mouth around her dildo licking it up and down sucking on it. I told him that he was going to be a good little cock sucker for me so show me how you would suck a real cock. Then he told me that he wanted to practice because he wanted to be her fluffer boy and suck on those cocks to get them hard before she get’s fucked!

I especially loved seeing him deep throat that dildo it made my pussy so wet. So I get behind him and slipped the front of his panties down revealing his hard cock. So I started stroking his cock while he was sucking and deep throating that dildo. He got so excited with our Role play phone sex that he came all over the place!

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Jessee Does More Than Babysit The Brats

Babysitter Phone SexI answered an ad on Craigslist, I was looking for a babysitting job for the summer, you were looking for a babysitter. I came to your house for the interview and could not help but notice how sexy you were standing there with your shirt off as you answered the door. Telling me that you were sorry you were working out before the brats and wife got home. You told me to come inside and wait because she would be home shortly. The whole time I was there waiting I noticed how you were using your eyes to seduce me and undress me. I think we just knew right then and there that we wanted one another, I knew I wanted you! When your wife got home, she introduced herself and the little brats too. I told her that I could not wait to get started watching them, and she said yes you seem more than well qualified, you got the job! I was so excited she invited me to stay for dinner which I could not decline. As we were sitting at the table, you kept rubbing your leg up against mine and one time I even felt your hand on me. Every time I got up to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, you would seduce me with your eyes even more. I went to the bathroom and slid my hand down my panties and began rubbing my clit and made myself Cum so hard in them. They were soaking wet by the time I was done. I took them off and put them in the bathroom drawer under the sink. When I came back, I noticed the wife had taken the little ones upstairs, so I sat back down at the table and said to you I left you something special in the drawer in the bathroom under the sink. Once your wife was back, you excused yourself and were in the bathroom for quite some time. I knew what you were doing Cumming over in my panties. Now tell me I am not going to make the best Babysitter Phone Sex girl you have ever had.

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Fat Slut Phone Sex

Fat Slut Phone SexEverybody needs to break off a piece of fat slut phone sex. Any man that has ever been with a big plumper like me knows the sex is rolling tons of fun smacking big ass. Thick women are nice but mattress sluts like me can ride or be rode like a magic carpet.

That mixed with the fact we will suck and fuck any and everything in sight. Sucking old man dick for the rent in the am, then pumping the rental place for another day to watch my soaps. Even giving the Wally manager a tongue lashing to get the hook up on diapers and formula. Now let a skinny white boy pass my fat ass and need a pass on some free pussy. Tapping me and hitting me later gets me wet. Hide my phone number, lose it, but you will call my big ass when that skinny slut can not suck your dick like a chicken leg.

Scrapping sex is what I like to call it, because it is really only a big black cock that can get past all my fat rolls. Breeding me on my back or while I ride is all I really want. Using this cow pussy for power is what all fat white trash sluts like me enjoy.

Well that and humiliating the hell out of the men that sex me, telling them they are getting sloppy seconds. Making them clean the smegma from my fat ass gets me excited. All in all call me when you need a nasty whore that can shame slam you into feeling like the scum of the Earth. All your pretty wives can keep you but they can not make their ass’s clap like my fat.

Give in and suck it up for fat slut phone sex.