Big Brother Phone Sex Accomplice

Well I do have this wanker patient that I just knew being a big brother phone sex accomplice would help him overcome some of his deepest and darkest fantasies. So when he came into the office for his session I suggested that I take him to a school I do a lot of charity work with so I could assure him he would never act on any of his perverse urges.

Oh yeah, this twisted guy did the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. Instead of it bringing him down to reality, it literally took him deeper into fantasy no matter how much I tried to steer him onto the straight and narrow.
After I found him a little girl to be his little sister every time I looked his way he had her half naked, humping her, and even ended up sticking his cock between her butt cheeks and slowly rubbing his dick against her ass hole.

Under the guise of telling her a story while she sat in his lap, he managed to damn near penetrate her right in front of me and you could see the horror spread across her face as his tip got wetter and wetter between her little butt cheeks.

Definitely a different variety of fantasy phone sex will be needed for this sick fuck, because he is just way to nasty to let loose in his fantasies. We must get this under thumb before you go get your pervert cock in trouble little dick guy with the gleam in your eye. Call me up if your in need of a fantasy like big brother accomplice phone sex. We can sin together and enjoy your dark fantasies, or even light. Welcome to the maze where there is no end in sight for your most taboo or light and fluffy kink fantasies.

Enormous Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Boo you got some hella cock that needs enormous cock sucking phone sex suction. Just getting that thick dick tween my lips is gonna be a challenge but you know I am up for all that. Sucking to please on my head, back, knees, and all fours is just a warm up trial when you get with this ebony freak on no leash.

Getting that mammoth dick out them pants was like an early Christmas for me, for real 11.5 inches of dick I could lick up one side and suck down the other while I finger fucked his ass and tickled that g spot while he covered my chocolate skin with marshmallow cream.

That big dick was meant for rubbing and stretching pussies like mine out till that hot pink center looks well done if you know what I mean. Before he came he told me I had to get it in my ass and suck my pussy and ass off that tread making dick. Brings it baby and wiggle that dick while I twerk and work this thick booty up and down your shaft. This ebony milf aint scared of enormous cock sucking phone sex, cuz I know there is way to much freak in me to turn down a dick that goes past the knees.

I’ll chat at ya boo, ty for that kinky ass call it was bomb diggy for real.

Rena reams your butt phone sex lovin’ asshole

phone sex ass masterThe blistering hot feeling in your crotch increased a little after watching me finger my moist asshole.  Your face is flushed as you look down at your cock.  It’s head is nearly vibrating with the need to sink in anal deep.  I watch you lean forward and a long string of precum drips off the end of your dick.

“Hahha, you are such an phone sex addict!”  I coo–with a little laugh.

Removing my finger from my asshole I approach you with the pungent digit and slide it under your nose.  You fucking love that you hot little fuckin’ pervert. Your cock takes over and you start humping the air like the wayward dog who got carried away.

“You do so want to slide that thing up this wet, juicy ass cunt, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Rena, I need it.  I need it sooooo bad.”

“I bet you do, darlin'”  giggle.

I show the large schlong that is black.  It’s like a night stick–and its ominous girth gives you a strange sensation.  You will do anything to have your cock in the clutches of my dirty asshole.  You’ll let me give you a rim job and slide that butt buddy home won’t you?

So you acquiesce to me fucking you hardcore phone sex style with the night stick like plastic dick.  You let me slide the entire thing in–it fills you.  It rubs up against pleasure spots that you didn’t know you even had!

“Yeah, I love fucking a nasty pervert fucker like you baby, you are gonna get this ass…”

And so then and there it is offered, only after you have relented and allowed Miss Rena the pleasure of pegging phone sex with you.

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Fisting phone sex won’t ruin Truda’s mammoth pussy

Fisting phone sexOne of the reasons bigger is better is because a bigger phone sex woman like me can take a lot more than these skinny as rails bitches. I can take fucking a lot longer for example. I am able to withstand vigorous pounding that would tear the fuck out those small, fragile pussies that hang on little girls. Fact is, my tremendous girth allows me to take it not only faster and longer, but deeper as well. I am able to accommodate large black cocks–have had 2 at once believe it or not.

But one of my favorite things to do–a guilty fat girl phone sex pleasure for me–is fisting phone sex. My pussy is big enough to accommodate anyone’s fist–and I love it when a guy makes me do it while we’re on the phone. Would you like to encourage me as I lube up my hand and phone sex fist fuck my fat pussy? I bet you’d love to hear how this chubby cunt squirts and cums for you!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Truda.
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Daddy’s Secret Panty Fetish

Fetish Phone SexDaddy Daughter Panty Phone Sex

I finally figured out why my Daddy is a nasty panty pervert! Are you just like my Daddy, I bet you’ve been itching to fulfill your Daddy Daughter Fantasy. But you and I both know it’s a very special fantasy. Some men like age play, role play, and to talk to all of us young girls, that’s just what gets them off. But I know what really gets you off Daddy. It’s something more specific that you think about when you’re stroking your cock, and thinking of your little darling, isn’t it?

I know it all started when I was much, much younger than I am now. Auntie would Cum over to do our laundry, gathering up my things from the laundry hamper, and it seems like every single time she did my laundry, one pair of my panties would disappear. I would be so puzzled as to why my panties were disappearing. And one day out of curiosity, I decided to hide in the laundry room and find out who was stealing my little panties. You couldn’t imagine my surprise, when I see Daddy, rummaging through my laundry basket, and pulling out a dirty pair of my panties! Even more surprising, was when he lifted the dirty crotch of my panties to his face, burying his nose in them and rubbing himself all over the face, chest and crotch. That’s when I saw how hard my Daddy’s big Daddy dick had gotten and realized he was turned on by sniffing my panties, it kinda turned me on. I watched him stuff the panties in his pocket and make his way back to his bedroom, and I decided to follow to see what he’d do next with them.

That’s when things got much more interesting, when I peeked into the bedroom and saw Daddy remove his pants to reveal a pair of women’s silky bikini briefs underneath his work uniform. He pulled out his hard cock, wrapped my dirty panties around that rock hard erection and started stroking away, moaning my name. You should have seen the huge load he released into them! So are you ready to live out your Daddy Daughter fantasy with Jessee? Call me now Daddy

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Pussy Worship Phone Sex

Never under estimate the power of pussy worship phone sex, especially with a minx like me. A real woman is to be worshiped, coveted, and nourished with all your undivided attentions. In my case I demand your very best every time I get my fingers on you.

Never is it about me pleasing you, or making you feel special. When you are on my time, you will be on your knees and kissing me from head to toe. Not a single, solitary inch will be missed.

Worshiping my feet, licking between my toes, kissing my delicate ankles while your hands massage up to my knees. Then those kisses in swirls, soft lips and fingertips along the inside of my thighs while you enjoy the view from between my valley. Even kissing up my ass, and tonguing my pucker spot you should feel honored being that close to my honeysuckle.

But first you have to show me you are worthy, you have to beg me for mercy. Beg for me to show you into my parlor where I keep the best of my girl friend experience for only deserving men. Never forget you will always be my servant, however sometimes when I met a real man.. charming.. intelligent.. and lust worthy.. then you are eligible for pussy worship phone sex with the maze of insatiable madness.

Hold on sweetheart and enjoy the ride.

Barn Yard Phone Sex

Come on in to barn yard phone sex and pull up a stool while I get down and dirty with my favorite horse. Yeah, I know when you think about horse cocks in a fire crotch cunt like mine, your dick just grows and grows. Of course I always want to put on a show for all the wild men who come to watch me take on 3 foot of cock and the gallons of cum that comes with it.

Hell I even enjoy the women who come curious and leave with horse cum in their hair. So today while I was jerking my horse off I had a girl join me on stage and get her first taste of scallop dick meat. When she ran her tongue along that cum hole I could see her panties getting wet, so I had her take them the fuck off.

After that the men in the audience whipped out their cocks and enjoyed it while I jerked off my horsy right on her clit. Licking her pussy for lube I was able to stretch her enough to get that cock in her ass hole and she started cumming before I got the whole rim inside. Whoa the cum was flying and you know I aint lying when I tell you there is a whole lot more to that story than most men can handle. Call me up equine lover and hear all about barn yard phone sex.

Cigarette smoking fetish phone sex

cigarette smoking fetish phone sexSometimes a girl just needs to indulge in her smoking fetish phone sex fixes. Today I did just that while on with a caller whom enjoyed listening to me slowly draw from my Winston. Granted when I wrap my red lips around that filter, the feeling of my the smoke rushing into my body gives me such a thrill.

Normally when I am dressed in my morning lingerie and robe set I always have my ash tray close at hand and my cigarettes in my leather pack keep. Even seeing them, lying beside me I get a feeling of sexual napalm when I tap my cigarette against my vanity with a smile.

But letting a caller listen while I slowly let that smoke out of my nose and mouth I feel so highly sexual, and equally addictive. Letting the sound of my voice, and the catch in my throat be heard by a wanton man needing his fix is the much added bonus.

Now when I am smoking cigars and feel the tobacco on my tongue my nipples harden. Something about that sweet smoke gets every inch of me enticed into more promiscuity. In what ways could you put my smoking fetish phone sex habits to work for you?

Sucks and licks for smoke loving dicks.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Tease and Denial Phone SexYou know what I love about being older? Teasing you younger boyz out there! I know you love looking at a HOT, mature woman that knows what she is doing. I love to flirt with the younger boyz out there, get you to look at me and not take your eyes off! I just can’t wait to take you home with me, undress you and you undress me and I tease you with my body! Being a former stripper I know how to tease you boyz and get you going really good!

I am going to tease you and get you right to the edge and then not let you cum, hehe! I am going to get your ball sac so full and achy you will be begging me to cum! I like to get you going and then make you hold off. But when I do let you cum it will be well worth the wait, that is if I let you cum *wink*.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rose.
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Punish me, please!

No Taboo Phone SexWouldn’t you love to just grab me by my skinny phone sex waist and bend me in half while you play out your taboo phone sex fantasy with me. I love to think about fantasies that involve being punished for wanting cock, what better thing to punish me with than exactly what I crave?

What can I say? Being a bad little girl really turns me the fuck on. I love it when we are bad together because having a partner in cumming is so much fun. I have played with girls and boys off and on for my entire young life so this phone sex job puts me in touch with even more horny people. I love getting wet as I anticipate what kinds of nasty surprises await this hardcore phone sex cunt. Are you ready for a cunt dripping wet with the need of your dirty phone fuck? You’ve found your girl, gimme a call.

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