Nina for the naughty and curious phone fuck

It might have been totally accidental. You stop on a super hot video of a sexy, exotic looking woman sucking a dick like nobody’s business. This mouth knew all the right place to suck, lick and tongue. The hands were non stop. The balls were involved. She was looking up at the man with lust in her eyes and hungry sounds coming from her mouth. Then the camera pans down and you see her jerking 8″ of her own meat between her legs. You start to become curious, you’re not gay. But you definitely are curious about tranny phone sex and all the pleasures it brings.

Let me assure that the ONLY thing that separates me from a normal female phone sex operator are the parts I choose to keep–my lovely dick and balls are fine the way they are–but that’s where all things male end with me. I am beautiful, smooth, soft skinned and ready for you to take me to heaven like the woman I am. I just love satisfying the curious and turning them into loyal tranny phone sex connoisseurs!

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