Meet the girl you can’t tell no to

Ever since the first time you laid eyes on my perfect, firm body you were entranced. My cocksure attitude sold you though. The way I handle myself among a crowd of men is

enough to put even an impotent cock at full mast. Yours is the one I want though. Neighboring takes on a new meaning when you meet me. I’m the girl you can’t tell no. You’ve told many others no trying to preserve your dignity, but for me you’re willing to throw it all way just for a slice of red-headed temptation phone sex pie, aren’t you?

Being the type of girl that I am, I always get what I want. This is especially true of men whether they be happily married or frustrated and single. Once I lay my sights on a prize I always win. Do you feel my victory leaking out all over your cock and balls as we fornicate on your wife’s side of the bed? I feel your devotion seeping out into my pretty pink cheating phone sex panties. Ready to meet the girl you can’t tell no?

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