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Threesome Phone Sex sessionSo last night Krista and I we were just hanging out watching some TV when the phone rang. We are always up for a Threesome Phone Sex session, especially when we are just looking for something naughty like a big dick to share! Krista was just wearing a black skimpy night and I had on a cute little t-shirt with no bra of course and a pair of black booty shorts. I picked up the phone and it was this hot guy from Hawaii. Let me just tell you that he knew exactly how to take care of two girls at once! Tonight this Two Girl Phone Sex call was hotter than hot! We kissed and stuff at first, which really seemed to turn him on, hearing the two of us kissing on his lips and neck. It’s not like we are shy or anything, but just the opposite. To get on with it, I slid off Krista’s nighty and pulled down those little panties that matched. Her pussy was so sweet, just freshly shaven and it tasted to so sweet when I put my tongue up in there. I fingered her clit until it was so hard just aching to be licked. I spread her legs apart and buried my face in that pretty little pussy. She moaned lightly at first, then got louder and louder as my tongue had its way with her adorable, juicy cunt. K was talking dirty to her while I licked her pussy, which totally made her cum all over my face. He ended up fucking her hard from behind while she got between my legs and licked my pussy just so good like she always does, she knows just the right spots to lick to make me squirt. It was driving me so wild, watching him fuck that pussy so hard while she was eating me. Every time he thrust in her deeper, it pressed her face up against my cunt even harder, which was really fucking-hot. Just had to update you about our naughty night. We can’t wait to play with him again. Playing with each other is hot, but it’s even more fun when you throw a dick up in the mix!

Dial either Kirsta or me JoJo up for 2 Girl Phone Sex or just One One One with me!

Jojo 877-936-1908


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
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