Krista and JoJo play with Big Daddy

Krista and JoJo play with Big DaddyJoJo and I were so anxious waiting on our Big Daddy to call and play with us!  Big Daddy loves to watch us play together and rub his cock.

JoJo and I love Big Daddy’s big cock so much that we like to share it with our mouths.  Big Daddy loves our 2 girl phone sex calls so much that his big cock just leaks out precum and we just lick it up!  Oh yes Big Daddy has a beautiful Big Black Phone Sex cock and JoJo and I love to take turns sitting on it.

We love playing with all cocks and each other so give us a call and let’s have a threesome!

Krista 877-802-8620


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Krista.
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