Jessee Does More Than Babysit The Brats

Babysitter Phone SexI answered an ad on Craigslist, I was looking for a babysitting job for the summer, you were looking for a babysitter. I came to your house for the interview and could not help but notice how sexy you were standing there with your shirt off as you answered the door. Telling me that you were sorry you were working out before the brats and wife got home. You told me to come inside and wait because she would be home shortly. The whole time I was there waiting I noticed how you were using your eyes to seduce me and undress me. I think we just knew right then and there that we wanted one another, I knew I wanted you! When your wife got home, she introduced herself and the little brats too. I told her that I could not wait to get started watching them, and she said yes you seem more than well qualified, you got the job! I was so excited she invited me to stay for dinner which I could not decline. As we were sitting at the table, you kept rubbing your leg up against mine and one time I even felt your hand on me. Every time I got up to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, you would seduce me with your eyes even more. I went to the bathroom and slid my hand down my panties and began rubbing my clit and made myself Cum so hard in them. They were soaking wet by the time I was done. I took them off and put them in the bathroom drawer under the sink. When I came back, I noticed the wife had taken the little ones upstairs, so I sat back down at the table and said to you I left you something special in the drawer in the bathroom under the sink. Once your wife was back, you excused yourself and were in the bathroom for quite some time. I knew what you were doing Cumming over in my panties. Now tell me I am not going to make the best Babysitter Phone Sex girl you have ever had.

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