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ass fingering phone sexIt’s totally guy thing, but guys want bigger everything when it cums to having sex and fantasy phone fucking. They want bigger cocks to brag about using on my tight little pussy. They want bigger and better fantasies. That want plentiful and hard orgasms that only women who gets this desire for more. That woman is me hands down. I get it you want to cum harder. Do you trust my seductive phone sex abilities enough to build on each call? Will you set aside all you think you know and be ready to try something new?

The first time I rimmed a guy’s ass he came in 2 seconds. I took things rather slowly at first, kissing around the cheeks before pointing my tongue at his virgin asshole. At this point I can feel the nervous twitches of his rim and I started to slowly work my tongue inside. MMM, he opened up like a champ and his cum was shooting out of him like a geyser. Some of it landed on my forehead. It was a pleasant surprise. So boys, when you are looking for a bigger and better phone sex orgasm you can do what T did and let Candi tongue your backdoor. I will give you the rimming and ass fingering phone sex your dick desires even if it doesn’t know it yet!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Candi.
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