Enjoying Cum With My Sweet Girlfriend Krista

Enjoying Cum Phone SexWhen it comes to phone sex, I love playing with Krista and every guy we find to kink it out with. I do love playing when there’s a guy in the mix, well because I don’t really think that I need a reason to love cock. My point is that I almost never play with a girl alone, except Krista. We do a lot of Enjoying Cum Phone Sex together because we can never decide who gets the big load during a call, so we share the rewards. We make out and swap the cum back and forth between us, losing ourselves in the hot and thick saltiness of it. It’s beyond hot when a guy can imagine filling our mouths with his cum and us loving it so much! Sometimes we get into some steamy Lesbian Phone Sex if a guy wants to sit back and watch us fuck around. We love to play with each other and let’s be real, we love to show off for you, letting you hear our lips kissing each other, hear me put the phone down to Krista’s pussy so you can hear me lick that juiciness. I love making you cum by giving Krista’s juicy pussy a good tongue lashing, you will love it too!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
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