Jessee Loves Family Fun Phone Sex With Uncle

family fun phone sexI just got off a nasty, kinky Uncle/Niece phone sex call and it reminded me of when I stayed at my Uncles house to house sit for him when I was in Jr. high. He had told me go ahead and do anything you want while I am away, use my pool, you can have a few friends over on a sat. night if you want but please Don’t go in my room or use my computer, I have important work stuff on my computer. A few days had gone by and I was so bored and was walking down the hall and said what the hell and went into his bedroom anyways. I know it was wrong and I turned on his computer and found a big surprise.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my nasty Uncle had naughty videos of me in my cheerleader outfit at the games and when I was in his back yard practicing in front of him. To make it even worse, he had uploaded a home made video of himself jerking off while he was watching them on his tv. I never knew my uncle was such a pervert. I kept watching and it was making me horny watching him stroke his big dick while watching me and then when it got to the part where I turned my back towards him and backed up, he shot his load all over, I bet he was imagining I was backing up on his dick. His cock cream exploded all over his chest and belly.

The day my Uncle got home he was surprised to find me laying on his big bed. He said “what are you doing silly girl”, I confessed to him right then that I saw his jerk off video and l know that he was jerking off to me. I saw him start to figit around and then he ripped off all of his clothes and jumped up on the bed. We spent the rest of the day fucking like rabbits and the best part of it all was when he called out my name while he was cumming in my pussy. Are you ready for our family fun phone sex call?

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jessee.
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Girl Scout camp turns Orgasmic!

jesseescout-1-e1454175165383Girl On Girl Phone Sex
As long as I can remember I have been into eating fur pie. I remember in middle school when I was in girl scouts my best friend named Amy and me went to girl scout camp one summer and we stayed in the same tent. I grew up in Hawaii and she was a native of Hawaii, so tanned and beautiful with long black hair. She was my best friend since grade school and when she would sleep over we would sleep in the same bed and we would always play touchy feely with each other. She would suck on my little perky nipples and then run her hand down to my pussy that was drenched in my juices by then. She would love to put her ear right next to my face so she could hear me moan. Well anyway we were at girl scout camp and it was a rainy night and she climbed into my cot and sleeping bag. We started making out and feeling each other up and I sunk down in the sleeping bag so I could eat her pussy. We were both getting into it when she opened the top of the sleeping bag and whispered “don’t move”. I saw a light and heard the troup leader come in to check on us and asked “where is Jessee” and she told her I went to the bathroom and she got scolded for not doing the buddy system. She said she was going to look for me. The best part is I was still buried between Amy’s legs and licking her pussy and made her cum but she couldn’t make a sound. *HeeHee* I have lots more stores to share with you about Girl On Girl sex.Don’t be afraid to call and play with me, I only bite if you want me too!
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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jessee.
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Impromptu phone sex orgy at a local hotel

pregnantphonesexaug3My friend invited me to attend and impromptu sex party at a local hotel recently. When we arrived there were 2 guys and one girl–college aged. My friend and I were both 40+ and were a little put off by the fact that these young kids wanted to have a phone sex orgy. Then one of the boys came up to me and put my hand on his crotch. I got instantly wet between the legs and I felt my red panties fill with the swollen lips of my cunt. I guess I am an easy phone sex slut. They poured us some hard liquor and we got started. At first there were three of us girls on the bed in a serpentine dance of pussy pleasing while the guys jacked off. There were more people who arrived and more girls piled onto the bed. One of them was a phone sex t girl. She had an amazing dick that I loved sucking.

I am usually the life of the phone sex party. I enjoy doing it all and I love no limits phone sex. No age is too young or old and trust me this cunt can cum multiple times.  All you need to do is call me and I will talk to you all night about how much I love to fuck, suck and cum.



This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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