Natural Tits Phone Sex

Natural Tits Phone SexDo you like the way my big Natural Tits Phone Sex look, all hiked up in this white halter top? I love how sexy they are, all pulled up and squished together. Practically waiting for your big dick to be all squished in between them. I love a good titty fucking and I bet you have the right tool to do it! I always love to look and feel my best and I love to take phone sex calls, all dolled up in a sexy little camisole with a cute little pair of satin panties. Do you want me on top of you, your hands caressing my sexy little juicy ass while I work my hips in a circle around on that big, beautiful cock of yours? I love how good it feels when you push it up in between my pussy lips, working it up and down on my fat little cunt lips. Slide me up on top of your hard cock. I want to reach down and play with that big thing, giving you a sweet kiss while I wiggle around on your big boner. I love how good you feel, throbbing up against my sexy leg, before you give me a proper fuck. I want you to come unglued and just leave your cock stroking up to me. You will love how good my hot hand feels around your cock, slowly caressing it and making you so-freaking-hard for me. I just love a good, old-fashioned fucking. Call me when you want a sexy little slut to caress your cock and take care of it properly for you.

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Got a big surprise for mommy phone sex?

Got a big surprise for mommy phone sexWhat a naughty boy you are during our mother son phone sex time! You brought me a little present to wear didn’t you? Do you think my cunt looks hot in these new leopard panties? No one has any idea just how fucking Sick, Crazed and Fucking insanely incest lusting for my fucking wet pussy you are. I bet you could fuck me right now couldn’t you? As you sit there spying on me as I shower. Watching mommy like a dirty pervert jacking off as you pretend to pee. You have no idea that when I get out of this shower there is going to be sucking, and inhaling and eating and swallowing of every inch of your dick in my mouth.

When you call me, go ahead and tell me how bad you want to fuck mommy. I love hearing how badly you want to wake up mommy with your hard cock pounding away hard in my wet hole. I am well aware of all my silky thongs that go missing from my panty drawer? It’s OK sweetie, you can fuck your mother!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Ruth.
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Raunchy Sex With Trailer Park Tawnee

Blowjobs Phone SexLet me tell you in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a multi-purpose fucking & sucking slut with one thing on my mind * RAUNCHY SEX * and a lot of it! I can make you be a filthy whore and then turn around and give you therapy for the nasty thing you just did. I love having sex with men of any age but am particularly turned on thinking about fucking and sucking my Brothers friends. One weekend my Brother had his best friend over for a sleepover but he had to leave early the next morning for baseball practice. When his friend woke up and got into the shower, I climbed in with him and started jacking his cock. He didn’t stop me so I knew it was on. I was soon on my knees sucking his cock in the shower and then we sucked and fucked each other for the rest of the day. The next time my Brothers best friend came over, I was the only one at the pool at our trailer park. It didn’t take much to get him to eat my pussy by the side of the pool. Now all I can think about is seducing young men and even their fathers.

I’m a nasty cum slurping MILF with a serious cock sucking phone sex fetish and I want young hard cock in my ass by the end of breakfast, cum on my face by lunch, and my pussy licked for dessert! After all, young guys have to eat three square meals a day don’t they? I will have a protein fix from all that hot sticky cum that they shoot in my mouth. I can’t help thinking about fucking their fathers too. Cum on over to the trailer park for some poolside fun of your own!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Tawnee.
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Looking for some more Sissy boy’s to be my new fuck toys!

mistress phone sexOK… To All The Sissy Boy’s Mistress Mayhem is here. And I’m looking for some new toy’s. Just so you know that means for you to drop to your knees where you belong because you are my new toy. I can do with you as I wish.

Now that you are on your knee’s crawl over, get the phone and your Credit Card. Now dial 1-866-359-9273 you will then be talking to the one and only Mistress Mayhem. While on the phone with me you will learn I’m the one in charge.

So let’s see where I want to take this . Call me NOW..

Dessert Pussy Phone Sex

Foodie Phone SexAfter a great dinner with one of my Young Lovers last night we sat talking at the table for a bit, gazing into each others eyes, feeding him some pieces of left over roll, I got this great idea for dessert. I told him to sit tight and I would go into the kitchen and whip us up a yummy dessert. While in the kitchen I looked around, I found all the things I needed to whip up some home made whip cream. Getting out the mixing bowl, the measuring cups and all the ingredients. I started to mix..Thinking to myself, he’s going to love this. I smiled to myself and looked for some fruit. Finding some strawberries, I took the stems off the berry’s, thinking about what was to Cum. When the whipped cream was all done I put it in a bowl and gathered the berry’s up and yelled “Go Into The Living Room Until I Call You”.

He obeyed and I walked into the dinning room, I unbuttoned my white blouse and took my black lace panties off, I climbed up on the dinning room table, spread my legs wide. I put the berry’s and bowl of whipped cream beside me and called out “Dessert Is Served”

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alice.
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Big Girls Need Love Too

big pussyAs I was laying in my bed last night, I was thinking about all you Hot looking guys out there that love Big Pussy. There are so many of you that love Big Pussy and some of you are afraid to tell anyone. Big Pussy Phone Sex is so much better than that skinny little Snatch. We know how to make love to a man and how to make him feel good. Most of us BBW’s spend more time taking care of a man than the thinner girls do. We know how to spend our time down there if you know what I mean. For instance, when I make love to a man I carefully take his clothes off one article of clothing one at a time. I may linger at his pants, have him stand in front of me while I sit on the bed. I slowly unzip his zipper looking up at him in the eyes as I reach inside those boxers and take out that Cock. I smile and stick my tongue out and run it just over the tip.

While I am still looking him in the eyes I go ahead and pull those pants and boxers all the way down, helping him step out of them. then I have him lay on the bed, I stand up on the bed and start to undress. I take my dress or shirt off and throw it on the floor. I start to take my pants off slowly, swaying back and forth slowly to the music I had put on. Once I am standing one leg on each side of him I reach down and grab his hands and put them on each side of my Silky Panties and hold his hands as we both slide my panties down. I step out of them and gather them up throwing them at his face. I then lay down next to him, side by side. I wrap my Big leg over his and my arms around his neck. I then pull him close so he can feel my Huge Tits against his chest as I kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. We do this for about thirty mins. until he cant stand it any longer. He BEGS me to let him eat my Pussy. Of course I say yes. and we get in 69 position with him on top. We Suck and Finger Fuck and Lick each other until we cant Orgasm any more. We fall on the bed and curl up for a few until he tells me he has to go. As he is dressing he tells me “NO One Has Ever Made Me Cum Like That Before” “Making Love To A BBW Is So Much Better Than Those Skinny Women” and as he walks out the door he says I will be back for more of my Beautiful Big Woman Phone Sex!


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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by London.
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My petty pantyhose phone sex tortures and pleasures

pantyhose phone sexI love shear to the waist black pantyhose. I love the kind that have the seam up the backside of the leg I love how my legs look in black, shear to the waist pantyhose. I love to wear mine without panties. I love seeing my pubic hair bristling under the confines of the nylon. I love to spread my legs and smell the mixture of the hose with pussy juice. I love to tease men this way in a pair of vintage stilettos. The rest of me naked–nipples so hard they look like watch batteries–shining with arousal and ready to pounce on my newest conquest.

I keep him on the floor as I pace around him. I let the musculature of my delicious limbs twitch and titillate. On occasion I take a squat with my robust bottom right over his face to let him get an up close olfactory assault from between my ass crack and pussy. As he tries to get at it, I go away and stroke his dick a few times. I do love my petty pantyhose phone sex teases after all.

Then when he is about to split at his ball seam that is when I hand him the silver scalpel and let him free that cunt that vexes him. I let the fluids of my womanhood drip onto his face. He laps them up like a good phone sex slave and then I fuck him and let him watch my ass bubble as it bounces him to an explosive phone sex climax.

Naughty cop pulls man over and finds big cock!

Role Play phone sexI had the most awesome role play today! I was a cop who pulled a man over for speeding but he was uncooperative so I had to pull him out of his car. I had him put his hands on the hood of his car and spread his legs. I started frisking him and when I got in between his legs I realized he had a huge cock!

That turned me on so I turned him around and planted a big kiss on him and rubbed my hand on his big cock! I asked him if he has ever fucked in the back of a squad car before. He hadn’t so I drug him back to the backseat of my squad car. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I got in between his legs and looked him in the eye and surrounded his cock with my soft wet mouth. I couldn’t help it, I had to suck on the beautiful big cock!

I unbuttoned my uniform shirt and showed him my big breasts. I slipped his cock in between my titties and started sliding up and down putting the head of his cock into my mouth. I just had to devour his cock again so I looked him in the eye and slid his whole cock into my mouth. I am such a cum whore for a big cock, I just started begging him to cum in my mouth! Got a role play you want to do? I love role plays and have no limits so just give me a call!

Also I am having a Memorial Weekend special! There are exceptional savings so take advantage of it while you can!!!

15min – $30
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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Natashia.
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My first time becoming a shemale!

Shemale phone sexI remember that day very well. I was 21 and got my breasts done and got on hormones to make me more like a woman. I waited a few weeks before I went out because I wanted time enough for my voice to start sounding more like a woman.

I decided to go to this bar where I knew there were lots of handsome business men. I ordered a drink and sat down at the bar. Pretty soon there was a man that approached me and offered to buy me a drink. We got to talking and I was getting turned on. So I invited him back to my place. This would be the first time I would expose myself as a shemale.

We started making out and I stripped his clothes off and started sucking his cock. He was so turned on, he told me I was the best cock sucker he had ever had. He wanted to strip me down and start playing with my breasts. I wasn’t sure if he knew I was a shemale or not but curiosity got the best of me. He said he wanted me to take my panties off so he could play with me. He was on his knees when I slid my panties off and out popped my cock right in front of his face. I didn’t know what he was going to do. But he looked stunned but excited at the same time. He told me he didn’t know I was a shemale but he has always wanted to be with a girl like me. So I made him suck on my cock. I looked down and saw his cock was twitching so I knew he was very turned on! I asked him if he wanted to whole experience and he said yes. So I had him lay flat on his back and put his legs on my shoulders. I wanted to see his face when I slid my cock into him. So I slid my cock into him and he went crazy, he loved it! The look on his face was priceless! And his cock was twitching so bad I didn’t even have to touch it and he came!

That was my first time being a tranny and I have been doing that ever since! Sometimes I will tell the guy what I am and sometimes I just like to surprise them! Are you curious about being with a woman like me? Why don’t you call, I promise I will lead the way and you won’t be disappointed!

Raunchy Rushell for Shemale Phone Sex

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rushell.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Rushell at 1-866-820-3218
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