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Ass hole masturbation phone sexI love Masturbation phone sex, I not only love to play with my pussy but I love Ass phone sex play too.  I love to stick a finger or two in my ass and pull them in and out.  This is a picture of me masturbating my asshole I ended up slipping three fingers into my ass that day!

I also love Anal phone sex so much that when you get ready to stick your dick in my tight little puckered hole my ass will be in the air ready and waiting for your hard cock.  And when you slide your cock into my ass you will feel amazing!  This ass will just draw your cock in and it will feel all hot and juicy as you slide it in and out.

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Barn Yard Phone Sex

Come on in to barn yard phone sex and pull up a stool while I get down and dirty with my favorite horse. Yeah, I know when you think about horse cocks in a fire crotch cunt like mine, your dick just grows and grows. Of course I always want to put on a show for all the wild men who come to watch me take on 3 foot of cock and the gallons of cum that comes with it.

Hell I even enjoy the women who come curious and leave with horse cum in their hair. So today while I was jerking my horse off I had a girl join me on stage and get her first taste of scallop dick meat. When she ran her tongue along that cum hole I could see her panties getting wet, so I had her take them the fuck off.

After that the men in the audience whipped out their cocks and enjoyed it while I jerked off my horsy right on her clit. Licking her pussy for lube I was able to stretch her enough to get that cock in her ass hole and she started cumming before I got the whole rim inside. Whoa the cum was flying and you know I aint lying when I tell you there is a whole lot more to that story than most men can handle. Call me up equine lover and hear all about barn yard phone sex.

Punish me, please!

No Taboo Phone SexWouldn’t you love to just grab me by my skinny phone sex waist and bend me in half while you play out your taboo phone sex fantasy with me. I love to think about fantasies that involve being punished for wanting cock, what better thing to punish me with than exactly what I crave?

What can I say? Being a bad little girl really turns me the fuck on. I love it when we are bad together because having a partner in cumming is so much fun. I have played with girls and boys off and on for my entire young life so this phone sex job puts me in touch with even more horny people. I love getting wet as I anticipate what kinds of nasty surprises await this hardcore phone sex cunt. Are you ready for a cunt dripping wet with the need of your dirty phone fuck? You’ve found your girl, gimme a call.

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Twisted bitch

I realize that I am wilder than most, and I am completely comfortable with that. I also understand that most people have limits and boundaries, but that’s why they invented lube! My sexual proclivities aren’t for the weak at heart, nor for all of the sad little pussy boy’s out there. I’m here for those serious sex freaks! The ones who can’t or don’t talk to anyone about their seriously twisted sexual desires. The ones who get off at knowing they are beyond perverse.

I love hearing my victims in pain. I love knowing I am forcing them to experience something they are afraid of.  The more they scream, the more excited I become. I know you feel that way to! You love hearing them suffer for you. You adore the way I help you torture them, satisfying your demented lust. There isn’t a sexual scenario or fantasy to maniacal to turn me away. I’m game if you are! Call me with your most deranged role play and lets see just how far we can take it on an insane phone sex call.

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Blasphemous Blow Jobs in the confessional

I love the color white and I look absolutely adorable in it. I am a proper Catholic girl–just ready to celebrate that first communion. I am so excited to put on that white dress and veil. I can’t wait to walk down the long aisle at the Cathedral with the other angelic princesses. I look the best though! My hair is red and my eyes are blue.

I stick my tongue out and the priest lays the wafer upon it and I feel a surge of warmth run down my entire body. It’s like electricity! Oh no! It must be one of those forbidden thoughts. I have heard all about those forbidden phone sex thoughts. Good girls aren’t supposed to think them and here during my special day my mind is filled with them and my white, chaste panties are very wet.

I guess when I go to the confessional I’ll have to let the priest know all about the sinful things inside my brain. I know he’ll want to hear them and he’ll be ready to tell me how to save myself–

What is it about blasphemy phone sex that can be so uncomfortable yet so arousing at the same time. I would love to be that little girl in the confessional while you—the priest–absolves me by binding us together with a pact that says I’ll be there each Sunday to suck him off while he listens to others tell him of their nasty deeds….

Savannah likes to keep it in the family!

TabooThis past weekend my sister and brother-in-law visited me.  We grilled outside and drank a lot of margarita’s and were feeling so tipsy.  We made a day of partying hard.  I had so much fun with my sister and brother-in-law!

I went to bed that night totally wasted and fell right asleep.  I started waking up when I felt someone next to me.  It was my brother-in-law arm wrapped around me rubbing his hard cock against my ass!  What a turn on that was, in a taboo phone sex way *wink*.  I turned over and started kissing him when I felt another hand on my shoulder.  It was my sister!!  She came in to join in on the action.

I love taboo phone sex so much!  I mean how sexy is it that I get to play with my sister and brother-in-law at the same time!  My pussy was so wet when we were playing!

So don’t be afraid to approach me, I am a no taboos, no limits type of woman. So we would definitely have some fun in our fantasy!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Savannah.
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Blonde bombshell phone sex

creamycourteI am the blonde bombshell of your dreams. Just look at me, I’m confident, high class and I know how to please. My desire to please is so high you’ll know it when you hear my voice as it is steeped in lustful thoughts about big cocks,naughty role plays, and just about anything else we can conjure from mild to wild.

I’m a size C cup with blue eyes that melt steel and a taste for the exquisite side of taboo phone sex. What do you imagine doing with this sexy body? Do you want to dress it up and then unwrap it as we fuck? Do you imagine finding a creamy surprise between these firm legs of mine?  I don’t mean just wet pussy either, I am talking clean up time from the many lovers that also love this blonde bombshell!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Courtenay.
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Kimmy and BFF cum together!

kimmy01pmMy BFF spent the night last night. We’ve been doing this with each other for years like ever since grade school I think. We have had all those late night talks. You know the ones that make girls like us giggle as we spill our sexy secrets to each other. Last night, though, my BFF told me a secret she’d never shared before. She had sex with one of our other girl friends. As she was detailing her experience I found myself craving some of the same brand of kinky phone sex. I guess hearing her talk about making our friend cum in her mouth was enough to make me want to masturbate. I about died though when she started kissing me as if she read my mind.

She ground her wet pussy into my thigh until I begged her to rub it into mine. I don’t know why I said that first, but I did. She got on top of me and we pushed our clits together. I came very hard and so did she.

If you’re looking for a girl who loves kinky phone sex…all you have to do is ask me about last night. There was more of course, but I’m only saving THAT for my callers

P.S. this picture is for my “G” who can’t get emailed shots of my sweet pussy!!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Kimmy.
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Bisexual phone sex

Bisexual phone sexMy bisexual phone sex husband loves it when we double up and get fucked together. I love the fact we both love pussy and cock. It makes my pussy so wet to see him suck a mean dick. And he loves when a hot sexy dyke makes me her bitch. You would not believe what happened when we double dated for a hot and nasty phone sex orgy. His hot and flashy gay boy and my beautiful lesbian aggressive love toy came over for our nightly romp in our huge bedroom (it should be called the red room). We have a huge round bed with silk sheets and there is always ice cold champagne. My husband loves to deep throat cock while my dyke darling adorns a strap on and takes my pussy and ass nice and rough. My Butch babe calls me her cunt and orders me to lick it! Of course I always do obediently what I am told! She is a hot mistress dressed in leather with a very strong chiseled body. Sometimes we rub our engorged clits together when we scissor. Other times we 69 when she isn’t driving her double ended dildo deep in my fucking cunt. Of course my husband loves the delicate fun boys. He loves how his gay lover licks and tongue fucks his tight little ass while he returns the favor. Then he spreads his cheeks and begs to take his gay lovers big throbbing dick. I love how he acts like a submissive sexy faggot and gets filled to the brim with cum like the no taboos slut he is. Maybe you could be one of my bisexual phone sex husbands and we can have fuck fests together, care to join me ?

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Robin.
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A special lady with special holes for your curious cock!

lady boy phone sexI know you’re looking at pics of special ladies like me because you’re curious about tranny phone sex and about what’s between our legs. Does it work like yours? Do we fuck like men while dressing like ladies. All of these curiosities can reveal a lot about a guy’s sexual preferences. Did you know that most men fantasize about sucking another man’s cock? Do you understand that just because you think it sounds great that it doesn’t make you gay or weird. Yes, I understand that. I also know because my plumbing is most similar to yours how to get you off hard and fast–softly with a feminine touch.

I read around the internet and I know for a fact that most of the trans-women you’re viewing are not being honest with you. You see, when you call me–you’re getting a woman. Sex with me is more of a plumbing issue and since you know all about my secret it makes it easier for us to engage. Simply put: how would you like to slide yourself deep into the tightest asshole you’ve ever had? I happen to call mine my pussy, but that’s all good.

I fuck like a lady–can cuss like a man–and I know how to get you off. Just ask my new friend–I’m calling him Indy.
Ms Devine


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Ms Devine.
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