Toe Sucking Phone Sex

Toe Sucking Phone SexI know you guys love a woman in pair of sexy shoes but what I need at the end of the day is someone with a Foot Fetish Phone Sex. Seriously, what I wouldn’t do to have a man wrap his lips around my toes right now and massage them with his tongue. In fact, just thinking of that has me wiggling my perfectly pedicured toes under my desk right now. Wouldn’t you like to be under my desk? Oh being teased by my long toes as they wiggle right in front of your face.

Hoping I will say the words all Foot Fetish Phone Sex lovers long to hear. Suck my toes! Yes I know you want the whole foot but one must start somewhere? So let it be sucking and slurping on my painted toes. Your rough tongue gliding over that smooth lacquer finish on my toes nails. Bouncing over every little wrinkle on my toe knuckles. Oh and lets not forget your favorite part tongue fucking my toe cleavage. Yes I know it makes you so hot to see it in my shoes but it must drive you crazy to slip your tongue in between those toes too, the sweatier the better. Of course I am getting carried away here. For I just jumped right into you worshiping my feet with your tongues when really your hands should be where we begin.

See as much as I love having my feet pampered by someone with a foot fetish, I do adore teasing you guys first and foremost. Lets start this Foot Fetish Phone Sex fantasy out properly with you calling me. That way I can hear you whimper for every inch of my size 8 foot.

Tawnee 877-826-9387


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Hungry MILF uses foot fetish phone sex to get off

foot fetish phone sexfoot fetishYoung boys who call my line with a hard cock make me hungry and horny. The young, stiff phone sex cock is just the medicine I need when I want a swift, hard phone fuck. Many times these boys are in awe that I am so into them–but it is really their cocks that I crave. I enjoy boys who love viewing the bottoms of my feet because I get to enjoy watching the manhood roll away into a puddle on the floor. Driven to his knees between my spread, creamy thighs I dance a big toe over his lips inviting him to suck it–then tease him about how I suck cock the same way. See, sweet boy, you do get it don’t you? You know how it is to indulge an oral phone sex fixation.

They are transfixed by the mature wetness of my opening petals as my clit gives them the cum hither. That hard, pearly button needs their mouths after seeing them suck on my big toe so seductively. A few sucks of my clit and then I’m inviting a finger into my twitching sex. I love my fingering phone sex slow–deliberate–I like to have it build up a nasty wet orgasm to surprise those young boys with. I love how the young ones do it best. With guys my age you get the sweet, lasting foreplay–and I like that–but young boys know how to drill me–and I love that too.

So when he puts me on my back and slides that horny phone sex dick inside me–I feel it to the belly button. Full of young cock–my mature phone sex pussy is set to milking mode. Milking with the muscle control that 20 years old just don’t have. Holding him on edge until I’ve had my fill as he indulges in more toe sucking–running his tongue hungrily between each dainty toe.

I cum a few times–he cums once–it is an unbalanced phone sex affair but one I plan to play out again and again. Nothing gets me off harder than a boy who indulges his foot fetish fantasy while at the same time rams his young cock deep enough to get me off.

Meredith 877-596-6352

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Meredith.
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Smell my feet

foot fetishHave you ever wanted to worship those pretty little feet you are looking at? Cum worship my feet! They are nice and pretty. Nice arches all smooth and ready to be rubbed and licked. I expect you to suck on my pretty toes and massage my feet. You will tell me how beautiful my feet are. You will look at my feet as if they were the very first pair of perfect feet you have ever seen.

I love to rub my feet all over your body and tease you with them. Maybe I will rub your cock with the arches of my feet, if you behave that is, * giggles *. Do you want the most awesome foot worshiping session around, then you need to give me a call. You will love my feet, too!

Abbe 888-840-7458


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Abbe.
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Shoe Fetish Jerk-0ff With My Pizza Delivery Guy

Shoe Fetish phone sexI ordered Pizza as usual on a Friday night when Andy, my usual delivery guy arrive right on time. It usually takes about 22 mins. from placing my order to delivery at my door. Andy is 21 now and thinks no girls will ever like him. One day about 4 years ago when he was only 17 he showed up at my door with my pizza. It was cold and rainy out so I had him come in and wait for me while I went and grabbed my purse. To my shock and surprise when I entered the living room he had my fuzzy slipper in his hand and was rubbing it over his crotch. I just stood there watching him until he noticed me. Startled he quickly put it down and said he was sorry.

Right then and there I knew this kid needed my help. I told him, that it was ok to like shoes and to feel them against his body and cock, he said “Really?”. I told him to come here and I sat down in front of him, pulled his pants and underwear down and took his shirt off. He quickly got a stiffy and I took my fuzzy slipper and placed his young cock in it and started to stroke his Young Cock with my hand all the time rubbing in and out of my slipper. To my surprise he lasted longer than I thought he would, and finally I pushed his young cock through the open toes of the slipper and he shot his wad. I told him “now consider that your Tip”. To this day, 4 years later he is still delivering my pizza and getting his tip! Do you have any Foot Fetishes we can talk about? Call me up so we can have some sweet smelling Foot Fetish Phone Sex.

Alice 1-855-887-6222


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alice.
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Worship my feet phone sex!

Foot worshiping phone sexHey guys! Look at my feet, aren’t they so pretty? See the souls of my feet, they are perfect for you to worship and lick. My toes are great to suck on. So all of you foot fetish phone sex guys take a good look at my beautiful feet, then give me a call so you can get to worshiping!



Abbe 888-840-7458


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Abbe.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Abbe at 1-888-840-7458
Here is a direct link to Abbe’s web site
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