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Little sister phone sex

Little sister is coming of age isn’t she.  I see you looking away quickly when I walk by in my tight little Catholic school girl skirt.  You try to focus on that homework, but it’s increasingly hard.  Especially since I keep dropping my pencil and bending over in front of you with no panties on under that skirt.  Your cock is raging for your phone sex little sister.  You reach down to adjust it.  And as my voice fills your ear as you little sister I tell you how to touch it–so you can feel the tease in real time.

You touch and stop and enjoy multiple viewings of my tight, bald and young phone sex pussy.  Does that hurt, big brother?  Giggles.  I mean I can see it from over here.  Care if I have a closer look?  Giggles.  Oh, if you want me to come closer take it out and stroke it a little–base to tip.  That’s it.  I wish I could touch it, can I?

You’ll just love the tease and denial phone sex guided and goaded by your little teen phone sex sister Tori.  We can keep this up for hours as I learn all about the wonders of playing with a real cock.  After all, I am VERY curious about all things phallic!

Daddys approval phone sex

I can be a very jealous little girl, you see.  I mean sure, I get it, my Dad is smoking hot but that doesn’t mean I want to share him with all my young girlfriends.  I had to put my Daddy back in line the other day when he made me sit in the back seat just so he could let one of my cheerleader friends ride up front in MY SEAT.  I know what that meant–that meant he was looking at her thighs pressing together in her short skirt–just the way he looks at me.  I can’t and won’t share my Daddy’s approval–and that is why I had to assert myself as the number one Daddy’s phone sex girl in his life.

It is so cute when Daddy is caught doing something he should not be (like checking out my friends with lustful intentions).  I know really that he is just trying to deny his urge to sweetly push his cock into one of my many young and yummy orifices.  I mean, when Daddy sees me pout my lip and demand for him to assure me that I am his number one love–even over Mommy–he just can’t resist.  Then he wants to make fierce, passionate love with his baby girl–and cum deep inside her fertile little cunt.

Daddy’s approval phone sex is the best with this

Young and curious idle time with brother

My Dad was awkward around girls.  He grew up in a family of boys no dealings with girls and a very hardcore mother.  So when I was born my Dad didn’t know what to do.  As I got older his approach to parenting was more like don’t ask and don’t tell.  As long as there are no bumps, bruises or illegitimate children all is good.

My brother and I were left alone often while my parents toiled in factories.  The summers were the best.  No school and unrestricted access to the no limits phone sex stuff, the cartoon porn, the actual porn and the VCR.  We weren’t supposed to touch any of it.  But of course we did because that’s what kids who are curious do.