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Needing your phone sex healing

seductive phone sexI’m in some desperate need of sexual phone sex healing. I am craving a man who will take me over the edge–preferably multiple times as we engage in dirty talk together. I just love touching myself to the baritones of the male voice. I love it when my fingers become his tongue and my toy becomes his cock.

Do you think you have what it takes to make me crawl out of my skin with lust for you? Can you tease my folds with your voice and direct my hands as if you were with me in person? Do you have a role for me to play? One that I can embrace as tightly as my pussy would embrace your stiffening cock? Only time will tell if you can make me lose control of myself for you during seductive phone sex with Sabrina.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Sabrina.
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Phone Sex Mistress Sabrina

Phone Sex Mistress SabrinaTinamarie lives a lie. You see, for the past several months she has discarded the naughty truth about herself–that she really wants to leave behind her life as an inadequate man and transform into what she really is–a fucking panty fetish phone sex sissy. She has tried for months to abandon the practices that make her what she really is–the wearing of pretty panties and dreaming of being a piss drinking, tampon wearing fuck toy just like her phone sex Mistress Sabrina.

Now that Phone sex Mistress Sabrina has resurfaced in your life you know that you must surely be punished for being such a bad little girl, Tinamarie! Mistress Sabrina will need to make sure that you have reminders in place so that you will never forget your need to be dressed, fucked and exhibited over and over. You will get on your knees, lick the phone as if it is my pussy–and then you will drink the golden fucking nectar that will begin the process of transformation again. You will ingest your Mistress’ juice as you leak into those panties all plugged up with the icy hot coated tampon and apologize for your lack of results–your lack of due diligence. You must begin again–have hot panty fetish phone sex with a strict, yet understanding Mistress.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Sabrina.
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Here is a direct link to Sabrina’s web site
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Anal prostitution phone sex–that’s my hot button today!

As any gentleman would you drifted off to a dead sleep after forcing your semen into the cunt that you paid for. I laid there, watching you sleep. You breaths coming in a relaxed cadence that made me feel rewarded for a job well done.

I had always taken my job seriously–and I do mean my prostitution job. I always prided myself in giving the client exactly what he was paying me for. I never hesitated to use condoms though–but with you this was different.

Your seed pooled around the opening of my vagina. I reached down and slid my long, slender fingers into my cunt. I watched you sleep. I pushed some of your amoral seed up my asshole. I finger fucked myself, I came on my fingers. I realized in that moment I was very fucking horny. Even though I wanted to fuck you, I knew that I would be fucked harder, better, longer and faster if I made you pay for it. So I slipped out of the bed, and took a shower–cleaning myself up with your wife’s body wash and shampoo.

I slipped into her closet and thumbed through her expensive things. I had to dig deep but it was there–as if she KNEW you. An outfit befitting a woman like me. An outfit befitting anal prostitute phone sex. Continue reading

Shooting on my back-cum slut phone sex with Sabrina

cum slut phonesexPicture me laying back on my bed. I am smiling at you with a seductive glare. I press my arms hard to my side causing my immense breasts to spill from the confines of my bra that is just a tad too small giving my tits the appearance of overstuffed pillows. You love the way they form a deep crevice between them–it almost resembles a small ass. You love pointing your cock at this spot as you look into my eyes with the deepest devotion. Your monster cock is hard and throbbing. The plum shaped head is purple and pulsating as you realize that I assume this position only for you. My tits excite you so that you have to turn me over and take me from behind. You have me kneel and raise my butt so you can slam it home. You pump in and out of my hot cunt–then you start shooting…you pull it out and cum all over my back. Make me your cum slut phone sex queen!

Big Titties just for you!

Big Tits Phone SexThese big tits are all for you. They are for you to rub your giant, gorgeous cock for.  I want to see you jerking that fat one so fast and hard–allow one hand to enjoy the hard, firmness of these tits that are yours.  I would just lay there–allowing you to please yourself at my expense.  I would watch your hand rubbing and rubbing as I smile and look at you with my big blue eyes.  I would invite you to cum on these tits that are all for you.  Let me show you how I delight in having your juice running down the sides of my huge melons.  I want you to enjoy your dew streaking down these fake tits that are all for you.

I want you to know that I only crave your pleasure–my pleasure is nothing and is secondary to your needs.  So use these tits to your delight–they are yours, I am yours.

Mutual masturbation phone sex role play with Sabrina

Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI love hosting parties and so when my best friends birthday quickly approached I decided to host a large gathering at my modest home. I took great pleasure in preparing all the delicious food–providing the best potent potables and the best entertainment. I invited all of our friends–most of whom are married and would arrive with spouses in tow.

The atmosphere was heavy with drinking and thick with the laughter of people telling exaggerated stories about this and that. I was in the kitchen when your husband entered. He saw me bent over taking a fresh batch of spanokopita out of the oven. I turned to him and smiled. He smiled back.

There is that moment that we have all experienced in our lives. The one where you know that the look in someone’s eyes means much more than just a glance or an acknowledgement. I had to admit to myself that I had always been drawn to your good looking, successful husband. I had held these feelings back, but with the clatter of the party in the background and you clearly distracted I had to make my move. And apparently so did we.

We collided in a kiss and then I stopped him. I said I wasn’t comfortable fucking at the moment, but that we should take care of this situation very soon. He agreed, but looking down he noticed he had a very noticeable problem brewing under the zipper of his expensive jeans.

So I slid onto the counter and he took out his cock. “Can you cum in 2 minutes?” I asked? He started to jack his large cock. It looked great sliding in and out of his hands. I reached down and pulled the crotch of my black panties to the side and started to masturbate my pussy. We came this way…mutually masturbating with each other and then returning to the party as if nothing had even happened.

Sabrina offers you guided masturbation phone sex

Close the door and get naked, make a hot sink of water and get your shaving cream and a fresh razor ready for my voice. I want you to lather yourself, your manhood, your bottom, your taint. Get the razor soaking in the water while the cream softens your hair. Imagine how clean you will be, how desirable you will become to your lover. I know that the first time, this is awkward, but it is worth the sensations you are about to experience.

Begin from the back, clean your bottom first. Pull the razor forward and get to your taint, repeating until your ass is completely bare and devoid of hair. This is where you need to be careful, get your taint and balls shaved. Do not rush, but feel your manhood be released and exposed in a most delightful way. Do you notice how sensitive your area is? You can feel the smallest inclination against your flesh now, every touch is heightened.

Finish the plume above your cock. This does not need to be bare, only porn stars have that need, but make it well trimmed and taken care of. Rinse yourself off and clean out your sink, stay naked though, do not dampen your sensations with clothing. Lie down on the bed and get some baby oil for me. Rub it on your cock and slowly move your hand on every part that you shaved. Start with your ass. Did you know one of your most sensitive and sexually charged areas of your body is found here?

Toy with yourself, let the oil sooth your sensitive skin and while doing so, make you sexually charged. Feel your taint, that wonderfully sensitive, yet nebulous area between your ass and balls. Stroke it, rub it with oil until you find your balls and give them a tug. Hurts a bit, I know, but the sweet guided masturbation phone sex relief is coming my dear.

Embrace the pleasure of fleshly encounters

golden showers phone sexHave I mentioned how glad I am to be back at this MILF phone sex thing? I really am. I am grateful for those who I knew back then to have found me and I am even more ecstatic for the new ones I get to drain on a daily basis. I really am a lover of all things sex related. Whenever a guy calls up and asks me to tell him what I am into I can honestly say anything. I mean it sincerely. Golden showers, group sex, wild fantasies–all that shit turns me on. I’m just a naturally horny, fun loving woman who believes that sex is to be enjoyed. Whoever said that said was a sin must’ve been impotent, or extremely unfuckable. I believe this world would be a much better place if people embraced the pleasure to be had from fleshly encounters. I am here to make you feel good about what you’re doing–and if feeling bad is what gets you off I’ll do that for you too. I will take you to a new level of phone sex enjoyment so do not hesitate to call me and get a taste of this sweet voice and nasty imagination.

Phone sex story calls that satisfy horny dicks

seductive phone sexYou need a woman who will satisfy your need for a phone sex story call don’t you? Listening to me recount some of my most intense experiences is almost like being there in person. The level of detail that I am capable of using during a phone sex story call will sate your need to know that you are not the only person with a fucked up sexual history. I definitely have many true stories in my arsenal. I am the epitome of little girl slut grown into mature, seductive, horny vixen. My voice is enough to melt butter–but my mind melts iron. I know this sort of cerebral, mental phone sex story experience isn’t for everyone. I know that some guys just like to hear a girl fuck herself with toys while he jerks that fantastic cock. Well I can do that too! I am just a bit more versatile..i have such a wild sexual imagination that it is a shame for me not to share it. If you’d like you can share some stories with me as well–sometimes you hit my hot button–I’ll even get off to your twisted phone sex stories.

Watch as my pussy stretches to accommodate that big cock!

cuckold phone sex fantasiesEver really wondered if you are a real cuckold? I know that is a question I try to answer off with my cuckold phone sex fantasies. I can generally hear the submissive tone in a guy’s voice that tells me he just needs me to be a controlling, confident woman. Sometimes, it isn’t even about making the cock ready as much as it is about making sure that my cunt has all it needs right? I mean even if you feel your are more than adequate you are completely driven to making me cum as much as possible–and try as you might your male faculties are just not cut out to keep up with this vixen’s voracious sexual appetite. Yeah, I get the nasty cuckold phone sex fantasy–the man who will suck a cock and put it in–but I wonder if true cuckoldry isn’t more about what I have outlined here. I can guarantee that my sex try will fall exceed any man’s capabilities and so this type of swinging phone sex fantasy really gets me off.

Can you imagine watching closely as my pussy stretches to accommodate our living, breathing sex toy? I mean after all that is all he is–and can you imagine being close enough to see the orgasm ripple through my inner pussy lips and perineum. You would undoubtedly know that I was cumming that way–and that would make you happy. It would make me even happier if, after our lover spews deeply into this pussy, you would get down and eat me out and make me cum in your mouth all over again. Yes, my seductive phone sex cuckolding fantasy involves us using touch, sound, taste and mental imagery to get us both off. That’s what good phone fucking is all about!