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Panty Perverted Phone Sex

Panty Pervert Phone SexSo here I cum, the minute you have time alone.  I saw her ass pull out of the driveway.  I put on those pungent dirty red bikini bottoms and that sexy red top to match and knocked on your door.  With a bottle of wine, a bouquet of sex toys and a stack of porn I’m here to enforce our neighborhood agreement–you’re my panty pervert and we’re gonna have phone sex the entire time your gf is out of town.

I have multiple scenes–delicious anal rimmings, deep goring of horny assholes, anal stretching, gaping and more.  Wanna explore a real woman’s asshole?  Well let’s sit down and watch the films and you can put your finger in my dirty asshole.  Sniff it–get high and addicted on that saline aroma.  You’re such a naughty fucker.  Soon your down in there–eating that ass.  Eating it for all you’re worth–as if it’s you’re last meal.  When you’ve consumed enough and are drunk on my anal elixir–we’ll stuff yours with one of my many butt toys that I’ve brought to keep you tethered to my intoxicating perverse ass.  You are so fucking naughty and you cum so hard and fast–but panty pervert phone sex with you is still a guilty pleasure!

Rena reams your butt phone sex lovin’ asshole

The blistering hot feeling in your crotch increased a little after watching me finger my moist asshole.  Your face is flushed as you look down at your cock.  It’s head is nearly vibrating with the need to sink in anal deep.  I watch you lean forward and a long string of precum drips off the end of your dick.

“Hahha, you are such an phone sex addict!”  I coo–with a little laugh.

Removing my finger from my asshole I approach you with the pungent digit and slide it under your nose.  You fucking love that you hot little fuckin’ pervert. Your cock takes over and you start humping the air like the wayward dog who got carried away.

“You do so want to slide that thing up this wet, juicy ass cunt, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Rena, I need it.  I need it sooooo bad.”

“I bet you do, darlin'”  giggle.

I show the large schlong that is black.  It’s like a night stick–and its ominous girth gives you a strange sensation.  You will do anything to have your cock in the clutches of my dirty asshole.  You’ll let me give you a rim job and slide that butt buddy home won’t you?

So you acquiesce to me fucking you hardcore phone sex style with the night stick like plastic dick.  You let me slide the entire thing in–it fills you.  It rubs up against pleasure spots that you didn’t know you even had!

“Yeah, I love fucking a nasty pervert fucker like you baby, you are gonna get this ass…”

And so then and there it is offered, only after you have relented and allowed Miss Rena the pleasure of pegging phone sex with you.

Nasty Anal phone sex bitch Rena

threesomephonesexrenaB…..I am the Fucking Nasty Anal Whore you’re addicted to….All you want is my tight fucking asshole wrapped around your cock and me urging you to be the pervert I need you to be…All you can think about is my tight asshole taking your cock making it explode so deep up that shit hole as I tell you to eat the creamy ass until you’ve cleaned up your pervy mess. After you’ve cleaned me out I will ream you out with your favorite anal fuck buddy–and we’ll get off again together.

I love a fucking anal phone sex pervert. I do everything for you that your wife won’t–the fucking’ prude. I want you to keep watching porn–gaping anal holes to keep you randy for me in between calls. I love it that you’re addicted to my cunt juices and that your cock is constantly hard and wet for me dreaming of my perversion and succumbing to your addiction. I know you love and that you think about nothing but porn, fucking and my creamy asshole and cunt juices all the time.

I am glad you enjoyed the crusty knickers I sent you in the mail. I can’t wait to hear you stroke that pervert stick with them and then let me hear you breathe in my fucking scent–I came on those panties more times than you can imagine–i put them in my asshole and I rubbed my ass sweat all over them.

I am a hot bitch and more perverted than your wife or girlfriend will ever be–and I never judge–I just cum and make you cum. Isn’t that a hot deal?

Be a good boy for Mommy Rena and bring her some pussy to eat

I came into your room to find your girlfriend fiddling with your stick. You looked totally bored to me and I could tell you were only half hard. You also saw me standing at the doorway and when you did you smiled and I saw that young dick perk right up. You know phone sex Mommy Rena has cum to aid your inexperienced girlfriend in satisfying your pervy needs. Of course we have a deal don’t we? If Mommy helps her good boy with his girl–the Mommy will get to taste that slick, bald peach between her legs as we indulge in a sweet threesome phone sex fantasy.

I suck that cock good don’t I baby boy? You love watching Mommy deep throat you as your girlfriend intently learns from the positioning of my mouth on your horny prick. She is playing with her bald cunt like a very good girl. You’ve always known how to pick them. They can be taught–she can learn. After I suck you for awhile I turn your mighty fuck stick back over to her willing mouth and make sure she has it right before I dive this tongue right up her sexy little cunt. I lick her from hole to hole and she moves that ass on my face. I love that!

Do you want to be Mommy Rena’s good boy and serve me up a little inexperienced slut to train for the draining of that horny cock?  Dial my number–believe me I do not disappoint!

No limits phone sex with nasty GILF Rena

no limitsWhen you look me up and find my page you start to get bad urges and strong cravings. You need a perverted, sexy, nasty woman bitch to get you off don’t you. You need a woman who is nasty and perverted to help you learn all there is to know about the filthy side of fucking sex. You want me to show you just how nasty and dirty we can be together for a nasty phone sex rude. You need this hairy, pungent asshole in your face–you want to lick it and eat it. You need this dripping wet and hairy cunt brushing up against your face as I nose fuck you right in my sloppy fuck hole. You need me to help you get that foul and dirty with your sex life as you ride up and down on that fucking hot rod of a dildo you love to jam up in there nice a deep.

Imagine the feel of my puckered asshole as it wipes across your needy tongue. Tastes so good doesn’t it. When I part my ass cheeks and the aroma of ass and sex hits you deep in your nose you get so hard and you start to fuck that toy–you yell out how nasty your bitch Rena is as you cum. You’ve never cum so hard for a filthy phone fuck bitch before and never will again.

When you want it nasty and filthy you know who to call–no limits–ever.

Fisting phone sex because I need more than a dick!

fisting phone sexSweet darlins Rena has a surprise for you. I am going to be waiting in my bed for you to come home. Of course, I don’t live in your house. I’ve let myself in. I am on the bed you share with your wife. I am wearing blue, thigh highs and nothing else. I am on all fours exposing my stretched, loose ass and huge gash. I need a little help. When you walk into the room will you help this horny phone sex neighbor do what it takes to get the fuck off?

You see, my pussy and ass are loose. I need more than a dick honey. I need you to come over to me and tell me you’ll do anything to help this neighbor get her sugar. That’s a good boy. Now take a fist full of vaseline and go back there. Start massaging that soft, worn out crotch. Hear me moan in pleasure as you start to insert each finger one by one until you have your entire hand up my dirty snatch. Then, I want you push–fucking hard! I need to feel it so I can cum for you. Push it hard and put 1/4 of your arm in there and then fuck me. Yeah that’s it…Ms. Rena needs more than your dick…can you handle that?

A lovely day at the kennel

nasty phone sexWant to know what I do best? I pride myself and my hairy pussy on delivering for your listening pleasure believable and sometimes filthy fucksacapdes. Nothing turns me on more than truly nasty desires–the ones we all deny we have, but have all been curious about at one point or another. When a guy is turned on enough to share his nasty side–like Y was the other day–things take on an animalistic nature.

Yes, in Rena’s kennel there are old and young dog alike with which I can spear my hairy cunt while you listen to them howl with pleasure. You’ll know they are cumming–you can tell as dogs make a weird howling noise when they do–the knots on their penises also feel really good inside my cunt. I have had a great time doing this in the past and it was fun doing it for Y the other day. I hope that when you, dirty fuck, are reading this and toying with whether or not you should ask me if I’m into your sick and fucked shit–you should now be a believer that Rena is really ready for anything.