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I might sound a little breathless when I answer I am so not tired. I am just really shy at first. I guess for me this phone sex thing is still new. That’s what most guys like about me when they call me. I am very soft and cuddly not only in body but in voice as well. I really get turned on when a guy tells me he understands why I need to do something like this for a living. That maybe, just maybe a chubby girl like me can totally be sexy and a great lay all at the same time!

I really love it that I get to play like other girls. I had a really super hot call today where I was the sister in law. All young, all shy and chubby. I got to really show this guy what I was made of. I mean what I don’t have in the bod department I definitely make up with my mouth. I also love rubbing a big cock against my chunky soft butt *blush. That made me very wet and a little embarrassed but once I sucked that 9″ we were all good to go.

If you’re craving a little shy girl phone sex then I’m definitely your girl. If you know anything about a true shy girl we have very creamy centers wrapped up in a very delicate, soft package. Try me and see!

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Office Christmas party turns into cuckolding husband event

Big Black Cock phone sexI was at my husbands office Christmas party and they are so boring I am always looking for something fun to do.  I was standing around drinking some wine, while my boring husband worked the room.  That’s when I saw HIM, big beautiful, nicely cut Big Black Cock phone sex man!

I walked around the room moving myself closer to him.  When I finally got to him he was better than what I thought.  So I started talking to him or rather flirting with him, hehe.  Anyways my flirting was reciprocated and we flirted for a while getting to know each other.  He asked if I was married and I told him that this was my husbands work Christmas party and he has disappeared mingling with everybody.

We had such a sexual chemistry together that he said that there was an empty conference room in the back maybe we could have some privacy.  Hell YA!  I’m totally up for going to the back for some privacy so we can do our thing *wink*.

We get to the conference room and there is this big conference table so he picked me up and sat me on the table.  We embraced in a very passionate wet kiss and I wrapped my legs around him, scooted him to where his hard cock would push up against my wet pussy and started grinding.  We took each others clothes off and he slid his Big Black Cock into my tight pussy.  We were enjoying ourselves when my husband found us.  Did I stop?  HELL NO!  I made my husband watch as I was getting fucked so hard and my pussy was dripping.

I didn’t expect this but my husband was actually turned on by my Cuckold phone sex.  He pulled out his little cock and started stroking it.  When that big black guy shot his load in me my husband shot his load everywhere!

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