School Counselor Role Play

What kind of filthy pervert would call me for a school counselor role play phone sex call? Well one with extreme taste and the delight of an edging session gone haywire.. that’s who.. And this nasty role play went a little something like this..

“Oh hey why don’t you step in my office for a few minutes, I have been meaning to speak with you about your grades as of late. I mean looking at your transcripts you have always been such a great student… and lately I notice your grades are dropping… Is everything ok?”, I said with a smile.

” Well yeah I am fine, I mean my mom has been keeping me busy with chores. Like a lot of chores, and it is just me and her since my parents divorce”, he said nervously

“Oh sure I mean I remember my mom gave me chores and stuff too. Doing both can be kind of hard right? But I knew I wanted to go to school and keep my grades high so I always made time. It wasn’t always easy because I mean I was really social in school too. Looking at your activity log, it looks like maybe you are not in to many school social events right?” I opened the folder and showed him with a smile.

“So yeah, I mean my mom keeps me busy getting her ready for yoga, or drawing her baths, or helping her get dressed.. stuff like that. I mean I sometimes wonder if it is appropriate because I am a boy.. but I make sure she is shaved even down there…”, he stammered

“Well you know I would keep anything you told me in private a secret, but could you show me kind of how you help her.. you could I guess use me as like a stand in”, I said as I stood right in front of him.

“Sure, well I make sure her thigh highs are at an even height, and her bra looks good on her cans, and well sometimes I even get punished if I do it wrong.. She will you know she will give me a spanking … or stick her fingers in my bottom.”, after saying this he looked up at me as his fingers ran the length of the inside of my thighs.

Knowing full well this role play kid was full of BS I had to call him on it, and I knew just the ticket. ” You know could you show me how she would stick her fingers inside? I mean you could use my fingers? And tell me how to do it? I am always here to help ya know!”, I gestured for him to bend over my desk as I stood to the side of it.

Before I knew it this school boy had his undies dropped and was smacking his butt, showing me how to do it just right. Then he reached over and told me to use two fingers and run them along the inside of his ass. That is when his back door pussy started fucking the hell out of my finger tips, as I dropped the third in I heard him begin to moan.

“Oh no I am fixing to get in trouble, I am going to make a mess and she sticks four fingers in when I do that”, he said as he moaned and lurched.. His cock twitching out its load on the end of my desk. Without moving he took my spare hand and showed me how to punish his ass cheeks to finish off our school counselor role play.

Welcome to the maze of my mind, good luck finding your way out.

Big Brother Phone Sex Accomplice

Well I do have this wanker patient that I just knew being a big brother phone sex accomplice would help him overcome some of his deepest and darkest fantasies. So when he came into the office for his session I suggested that I take him to a school I do a lot of charity work with so I could assure him he would never act on any of his perverse urges.

Oh yeah, this twisted guy did the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. Instead of it bringing him down to reality, it literally took him deeper into fantasy no matter how much I tried to steer him onto the straight and narrow.
After I found him a little girl to be his little sister every time I looked his way he had her half naked, humping her, and even ended up sticking his cock between her butt cheeks and slowly rubbing his dick against her ass hole.

Under the guise of telling her a story while she sat in his lap, he managed to damn near penetrate her right in front of me and you could see the horror spread across her face as his tip got wetter and wetter between her little butt cheeks.

Definitely a different variety of fantasy phone sex will be needed for this sick fuck, because he is just way to nasty to let loose in his fantasies. We must get this under thumb before you go get your pervert cock in trouble little dick guy with the gleam in your eye. Call me up if your in need of a fantasy like big brother accomplice phone sex. We can sin together and enjoy your dark fantasies, or even light. Welcome to the maze where there is no end in sight for your most taboo or light and fluffy kink fantasies.

Pussy Worship Phone Sex

Never under estimate the power of pussy worship phone sex, especially with a minx like me. A real woman is to be worshiped, coveted, and nourished with all your undivided attentions. In my case I demand your very best every time I get my fingers on you.

Never is it about me pleasing you, or making you feel special. When you are on my time, you will be on your knees and kissing me from head to toe. Not a single, solitary inch will be missed.

Worshiping my feet, licking between my toes, kissing my delicate ankles while your hands massage up to my knees. Then those kisses in swirls, soft lips and fingertips along the inside of my thighs while you enjoy the view from between my valley. Even kissing up my ass, and tonguing my pucker spot you should feel honored being that close to my honeysuckle.

But first you have to show me you are worthy, you have to beg me for mercy. Beg for me to show you into my parlor where I keep the best of my girl friend experience for only deserving men. Never forget you will always be my servant, however sometimes when I met a real man.. charming.. intelligent.. and lust worthy.. then you are eligible for pussy worship phone sex with the maze of insatiable madness.

Hold on sweetheart and enjoy the ride.