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CBT Phone Sex

Have the need for some CBT phone sex? You know you deserve it, don’t you? You have been a naughty phone sex boy and touching your pathetic little dick without My permission! You know better than that oh pathetic one.

Now it is time for your torture. You will get naked in front of Me and drop to your knees. You will lay on your back on the hard cement ground and spread your legs. Don’t let that pathetic dick get hard either. I am going to use a nylon rope to tie your balls up with and I am going to tie them to your small pathetic dick. Then I am going to put clothes pins up and down the little shaft of your dick. But that is not enough for Me I have to step on your dick with My 6″ platform high heel boots and dig them in!

Do you see what you get for misbehaving and masturbating without My permission? You get to experience some CBT phone sex from Me and you WILL enjoy it!

Cock and ball torture with Mistress Mayhem

mayhem57Look you pathetic loser, you know the only form of sexual gratification you are going to get is some Cock and Ball Torture phone sex!  Now get your cock out and I will do some damage!

I will put some clothes pins up and down the shaft of your cock.  I will wrap a really thick rubber band around your balls!  I will stomp on your cock with my stiletto heels!  I will kick your balls too!

Since I am a Mistress you know that I am going to be your Domination phone sex Mistress!  I will do with your pathetic ass as I will with no questions asked at all, you are at my mercy! So you better behave!

Let Me take you into My world of CBT Phone sex

Welcome to my dark and eerie world of your cock being tortured by Me.  Shut up and take it you stupid perverted fuck!  I will watch you wince in pain as I put a rope around your balls, tighten it up and then put safety pins up and down your pecker!

Should I feel bad? I think not, you are simply my amusement.  As I tighten the rope on your balls they start to swell up.  You are Mine and you know it.  I have you literally by the balls and you have no choice but to worship Me.

Have you been a bad pervert?  Do you need a little CBT phone sex?  I think you do, so cum join My wicked world and be prepared you never know what I might do!

Sissy girl phone sex

mayhem98iI acquired a new little Sissy Girl this past week. She loved when I dressed her up in pretty little pink panties, pink bra and a little nightie! She always has lots of toys to play with when we talk. She will do anything for her Mistress. I even made her get on cam so I could make sure she was playing with the toys I told her to play with.

She had all kinds of toys like a good little sissy slut should. I made her put clothes pins on her balls and nipples. Then I made her fuck her little pussy with a nice big dildo. I didn’t think her dildo was quite enough so I pulled out My 10” Strap on and showed her what a good little sissy girl she should be.

After that she obeyed her Mistress and everything I told her to do. I made her take off her panties and rub her little clitty with them. She said it felt so good and she felt like she was going to cum. I told her she can’t cum without My permission. She had no choice but to agree with Me. So she kept rubbing and I made her go to the edge and then stop so she wouldn’t cum. I told her she had to beg Me if she wanted to cum. She had to tell me what a good little sissy slut she is and that she was all Mine! I then made her beg and beg to cum. I usually don’t let My little pets cum but she was so good and did everything I told her. I made her beg and beg again for her release and I finally granted her wish.

When you call Me I will expect complete obedience. I will do with you what I want and you will ask no questions. If you are good enough I might let you touch Me, which I know is what you really want. I might dress you up as a Sissy and whore you out or I might make you lick My shoes who knows what I might cum up with, but you WILL obey!  So call me for your Domination phone sex!

Looking for some more Sissy boy’s to be my new fuck toys!

mistress phone sexOK… To All The Sissy Boy’s Mistress Mayhem is here. And I’m looking for some new toy’s. Just so you know that means for you to drop to your knees where you belong because you are my new toy. I can do with you as I wish.

Now that you are on your knee’s crawl over, get the phone and your Credit Card. Now dial 1-866-359-9273 you will then be talking to the one and only Mistress Mayhem. While on the phone with me you will learn I’m the one in charge.

So let’s see where I want to take this . Call me NOW..