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Favorite phone sex role play

favorite phone sex role playMany people do not know this but I started phone sex masturbating as the result of having a very sexually promiscuous mother. She would often walk around the house in robes and no panties having the audacity to play with her hairy cunt right in front of me and my brother. When my brother came of age he’d slip away to his room and masturbate. I’d see him through the window sometimes cupping a pair of Mom’s panties (I do not know if they are dirty or not) under his swollen cock. He’d cum in them. Then lay on his bed and play his Ninendo.

I’d always wanted to fuck my young brother and regretted that I didn’t take the plunge. It’s one of my hot phone sex fantasies that if asked, I love to share. Good thing my friend A called and we had a hot little brother’s cock phone sex call today. I got so horny when he described himself being a sleepy head and catching his older sister masturbating her horny pussy on the sofa. My pussy was leaking already as I sent him back to bed, tucking him as only the most horny incest phone sex sister would. Fucking hiding his young cork in my saturated pussy and making him ejaculate deep in my sister cunt is enough to drive us both over the edge. I can’t wait to see what we talk about next!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Linda Lynn.
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Finding your little sissy clit

Have you been taking great care of that phone sex sissy clit of yours?  I see you’re sitting alone here at your table on your pee pad for toddler day. You are looking so lonely because you haven’t had Mommy’s attention in awhile. Tell you what, I need you to part your legs and show phone sex Mommy Linda you’ve been a good sissy keeping it soft and bald and always read in case Mommy chooses to do something with it. I am going to get down on my knees between your legs wearing a white wrap around blouse. My heavy milk-filled titties are looking so good for you and even though you say you’re wee wee is hard–well sweetheart Mommy just can’t tell. As a matter of fact, Mommy can’t even see it. *Giggles. Are you sure you haven’t removed it behind Mommy’s back? Maybe if you stand up and bend over the chair I can check your ass crack and make sure it didn’t crawl up your little pussy.

That’s a girl. Hahaha I still can’t see it. (You hear me licking my finger). Maybe if I put my finger way inside the wrecked, lazy asshole I will feel it way up inside and I can push it out. What do you think honey? Put one foot up on the seat of the chair. That’s a good girl. Now I want you to reach back and spread your bum cheeks so Mommy has easy access. This might be humiliating for you as I know you are miralax incontinent at this point.

Ooops! You made a little brown spot on Mommy’s finger! Do you see that? Look at what you’ve done to Mommy’s pretty finger! Well I can see that your asshole is becoming very lazy but we need to find your little clitty ok?

Turn around for Mommy as I bend over the kitchen sink with no panties on. My plump, round ass is shaking as I wash my hands. I turn around and my one tit is out. I start to press into the areaola spraying milk all over the floor. You crawl over to me and I have you squat and look up at Mommy.  Now open your mouth and let Mommy see if this will make your little girl part cum out of hiding…*giggles.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Linda Lynn.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Linda Lynn at 1-877-764-4351
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Fetish phone sex with Mommy Linda Lynn

fetish phone sexI want you to lay back and relax as I take you on a little drive through your mind. We’ll bust through all the hang ups and uncover that which makes your dick oh so hard for Mommy phone sex. I know you love regressing back to a time when the woman was in charge–your mother. She dressed you, fed, you and was even the object of your first wet dream. Of course Mommy Linda Lynn found out about this and had to put you in your place. You were placed on the bed where your dick and balls were greased and your asshole plugged. You were made to hold your feet in the air and coo as Mommy put the diaper on for the first time. That first time that Mommy rode on top of your diaper with her hairy sex you’ve never forgotten the smell of her cunt, have you? No, of course you haven’t.

You love diaper phone sex and I love making guys cum to that fantasy. I absolutely love true diaper fetishists. Are you looking for someone to take your fetish phone sex call to the next level?  Gimme a call tonight!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Linda Lynn.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Linda Lynn at 1-877-764-4351
Here is a direct link to Linda Lynn’s web site
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Little Sissy Brianna

sissy phone sexmediumLittle Sissy Brianna loves to dress to kill.  She showed up to Mommy’s bedroom today in a pink nightie with white ruffle socks and a goodnights diaper covered with butterflies!  (Butterflies are Mommy’s favorite, btw).  Of course her make up was done and after I brushed her hair I let the fun begin.  You see, Mommy has not one, not two, but 4 boyfriends.  All of my boyfriends just love it when I have little Brianna there to take care of their huge, horny cocks.  I make her suck them all, sometimes I make her take care of all of them at once.  It gives me such a giggle to see her try to be a big girl–of course she will never do it quite like Mommy.  My best hung boyfriend took Brianna’s sissy ass today as I head that diaper to the side.  She did the squirty squirt from her baby girl clitty for Mommy–and of course after all those cocks covered my girl in cum–she went to bed filthy dirty just like the little whore she is!  So much fun on my sissy phone sex call with Brianna!  I can’t wait to play again with her.

Sissy phone sex with Linda Lynn

My new neighbor

Pamper play phone sexImoved into a new townhouse this summer. Next door to me lives the hottest guy I have ever seen. I happen to know he’s married, which is a real bummer–but I have taken note that he is also a detective so he keeps odd hours. He’s almost never home at the same time his wife is.

I have been watching his habits ever since I moved in and I think I am ready to spring myself on him. Of course I haven’t even bothered to introduce myself formally. Sure, we wave in passing, but he has yet to really meet me. I am planning to do so tomorrow after the UPS truck leaves that incriminating package.
You see, I hacked in to their wireless router and was able to gain access to my neighbor’s hard drive. That’s when I discovered my detective neighbor’s nasty little secret. My neighbor–the high profile detective–is a diaper lover. And not just any diaper–Pampers–the vintage variety–to be exact. I took a screen shot of his last order–they should be delivered any minute. I sit in my chair near my window as I watch the UPS truck pulling up to the curb. My pussy gets wet. I am going to get into the Pampers of a very hot cop on the basis of intercepting this incriminating delivery. I am going to open them up and present them to him–and this is how we are going to meet for the first time.
I take the delivery from the UPS guy. I sign for it. I smirk. Then I turn to the townhouse next to mine and ring the door bell. When my neighbor answers, he sees me in a pink sundress holding his vintage pampers–the packaging is tossed on his lawn.
He bolts outside in his robe to pick up the discarded cardboard casing. He is blushing as he brushes past me. I saw a glimps of his cock under that robe. For a Pamper wearer–it is one that would get me off pretty hard I decide. I invite myself in and let him know that he and I are about to become very good friends. I believe we’ll have a mutally beneficial relationship–I tell him. Under my skirt I reveal a moderately sized pink strap on. I saunter up to him and start to kiss his neck. He melts into me–not from my kisses but from the feel of the plastic packaging encasing his obsession–the pampers.
“If you put on a pamper for me,” I tell him, “i’ll let you taste my cum. I’ll let you eat me for hours as I stand here wearing this strap on. I will cum over and again on your face,” I giggle and coo.
He is quick to move as he rips open the package and lays on teh floor. His feet in the air, he slaps the pamper under his ass, but I am quickly on top of him with the baby powder and lotion. I tell him that I need him to smell like a baby so I can get more turned on. This seem to make his cock leak umder those teddy bears and balloons…
Of course there is more to this story but it has yet to be written…once I play this out with my pamper boy the naughty conclusion will make the blog.
Merry Christmas to all!

Pamper play phone sex with Mommy Linda Lynn

Linda Lynn’s Lustful Boys In Training

mommy phones sexI absolutely love my little lustful boys in training. Cum for a long walk with neighborhood Mommy Linda Lynn and let me introduce you to the wonderful world of porn. We’ll watch a few movies together and then I will encourage you to stroke yourself as I masturbate next to you. As we continue to watch porn together I will gladly show you what the lower hole is used for as I pull out my lifelike dildo and insert it deeply into my pervy pussy. I fuck that toy and cum on it. I show you the slickness on the shaft and encourage you to lick it. I tell you that after we have finished the current film I am going to let you put your tiny cock inside Mommy’s pussy where I hope to make it squirt. You are embarrassed as I pull you between my legs–I make you fuck Mommy’s pussy and tell you that shouldn’t tell anyone about this fun time we’ve had. You look at me deeply in the eyes as you cocklet squirts squirts and I have stolen your innocence!

Phone Sex with Mommy Linda Lynn

High heels, long nails–Erotic phone sex with Linda Lynn

Erotic phone sexYou come in the door from a long day at work. I’m filing my very long, red painted claws. I look at you. You look distracted. I have on my favorite pair of pointy toed, 6” stilettos though. I know this will do the trick.

 I come into the room where you are rifling through your brief case. Despite the number of times I have told you not to bring work home you have anyway. I put my hand on your shoulder and you turn to face me.
That’s when you see that I am wearing those shoes and that I have freshly painted my nails in a fuck me red. You drop your briefcase. You know what is coming next don’t you. I make you drop your pants. as I balance those balls on the tops of my red finger nails. You love the feeling of my nails as they encase your nuts–knowing that one squeeze will send you to your knees.
I tease you–giggle at you as I taunt you with my finger nails. Would you like to fuck me I say? If so you will need to give me a shoe job–I want to see you suck off the heel of these sexy shoes…
If you do a good job this wet pussy is all yours!
I just love to tease a guy with his turn on…what’s yours…wanna let me in on your secret so I can exploit it?

Erotic phone sex with Linda Lynn