Humiliation phone sex

humiliation phone sexI kneel and look up.  I’ve sinned against my husband.  Lustful thoughts.  Lustful intentions fill my heart.  The punishment is to be humiliating.  I see the hooded figures jacking off in front of me.  Pulling at their horse sized cocks as I am chastised for my latest debauch–self phone sex pleasure at the expense of my best friend’s husband.

For we are all prone to sin are we not?  But there is a nugget of pleasure in being caught in the act isn’t there?  The feelings of exposure release their own perverted pleasure.  We crave humiliations to satisfy ourselves in a way that no flesh on flesh sexual encounter can.  Fantasy phone sex is that way.  We can build any fantasy really.  The above is but an example of my desire to be punished with facial phone sex.  What’s your desire?  What sort of humiliation piques your erection at night?  What sort of things to do you crave that you cannot tell anyone else about?



This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Grace.

Licking dick phone sex

You know I love labor day?  I love it so much that I want to labor my tongue all over your cock.  Can you imagine this svelt southern voice stroking your dick off to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in over the summer.  I know you want to hear me describe my lips as they slide down your rock hard shaft—how I will snake it around each ball and gently pull at them with my teeth.  I know you will enjoy seeing my cleavage under your entire crotch pushing up and teasing the cum up to the very tip of your aching cockhead.  You want a good dick licking phone sex session–and I am here to give it to ya.  I am a charming girl from the south who appreciates that finer things in life–especially the fine wine that comes from those aching balls!  Give me a call.  5 min free all weekend with the minimum purchase on as many calls as ya want to make.

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