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Step Mommy Phone Sex

Step Mommy Phone SexYes, darling–I know all about it.  I can hear the horn dog in your voice.  You’re all decked out in those panties and that silky robe.  You’ve raided your step mother’s room again and you’ve called me to relieve the pressure watching her homemade porn has caused you.  You really can’t help it much–not in the least.  You have a taste for step mommy pussy–the cherry lube-encrusted dildo is exactly what you need to get your phone sex stroke on.

So open that robe my dear.  Let that cock swing to and fro as we discuss how you’re going to take that rubber cock attached to your headboard deep into your throat.  You know you’re going to go ass up and mouth wide on it.  You know Miss Faye gets off hearing the sound you make as it invades that cock sucking throat of yours.  I know when I push your head down on it you start to close your eyes.  You imagine that you’re getting your throat fucked by one of Step Mommy’s lovers–her pussy cum all over that cock.  I love it when you kneel up, and squirt some precum on that dildo so you can imagine what it would really taste like.  What a nasty little fucker–the more we talk the deeper you take it–the more real it becomes.  Before long you’ll be a real cock sucker with a dick in your mouth as I play with my horny phone sex cunt getting off on listening to you!

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