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Next Door BBW Phone Sex

Next Door BBW Phone SexI became aware that my neighbor was spying on me a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t tell his wife.  Instead, I pushed the envelope–wearing my shorts tighter and shorter.  Moving from tight t’s to halter tops without bras I let myself feel powerful and in control as I noticed him looking at me for longer and longer periods of time.  One thing I know for certain is a guy will do anything once his dick is hard.  If the dick is married it seems even more eager to please with money, sex and devotion–that’s what BBW girl next door phone sex is made of.

We can move this naughty neighbor role play phone sex into forbidden territory as you sneak into my bedroom window and coerce me into some fun with you–fun I initially resist and then eventually enjoy.  Maybe I am the bitchy neighbor who needs her mouth full of your cock so you can finally get some peace and quiet in the apartment complex.

Doesn’t have to be overdone–the details are simple–I’m the one you’re after–and I’ll happily play any flavor of BBW girl next door phone sex that suits your fancy!

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