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You have such a small dick you never satisfy me

Cuckold Phone SexI love to use cuckold phone sex on you because you are always absent from my life plus you have such a small dick you never satisfy me. When you are finally home one day you want to have sex with me and I start laughing at you using small cock humiliation phone sex on you!  I tell you now why would I want your pathetic cock anywhere near me.  I am going to go out and get me a big cock and you are going to watch and help me get ready.

I will very sensually pull up my black silky stockings because I know that drives you crazy, I will have you zip up my black satiny, low cut, scoop back, tight dress to wear and help me slip on my slutty heels to go out and find me a big black cock phone sex man. You will be waiting anxiously in the bedroom when I bring my big cock friend home. You hear me come through the door laughing with a guy and up the stairs to the bedroom.  I make you get naked and stand next to my naked big black cock man and compare your tiny cock to his huge 11″ cock and laugh at you.

Now it is time for the highlight of your night!  I get on the bed on my hands and knees and let you watch as that big cock stretch out my little pussy!   You love to watch me and love sloppy seconds as I cuckold phone sex you!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alexis.
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Mommy son age play phone sex

Mommy son age play phone sexMommy is being a Dirty Phone Sex Mommy tonight.  I have been really horny tonight and since my husband is out of town I feel like having my son sexually and teaching him things he should know about women.

So I was sitting on the bed in my bedroom and called for my son to come in because I had something to show him.  He said, Oh Mom why do I have to go in there, being reluctant as a usual Age Play phone sex young man would.  I said just come in here now.  So he comes to the bedroom and says what do you want, Mom?  Just come sit on the bed with your Mommy and I will show you.

So you sit on the bed next to me and I stood up in front of you and slipped off my tank top exposing my Big Tits phone sex.  Gawd Mom what are you doing?  I am pulling out my titties so you can feel of a real woman’s titties.  So come feel my titties, you get up and put your young hands on my titties and start rubbing them, see that’s not so bad now is it?  No Mom it feels really good touching your boobies, they are so soft and warm to the touch.  Good sweetie. Mom, I have a Confession phone sex thing to tell you, I have had a crush on you since I was a little boy and have always dreamed of this moment.  You have sweetie?  Well this is going to be really special for you because I am going to teach you all about women and now I am really excited to show you!

So I pull down my miniskirt and thong panties and put your hand in between my legs to feel my wet pussy.  You got so excited, you started sliding your fingers up and down the slit of my pussy, it is so wet Mom, I like it, it feels good.  You are the one that made me wet sweetie.  Do you want to feel what it is like to be inside of your birth hole?  Oh I do Mommy, well Mommy is going to lay back on the bed and spread her legs.  Come in between Mommy’s legs and slide your fuck stick into my wet Mommy pussy!

So, have you had a Dirty Mommy Phone Sex Confession to make?  Well come tell this Mommy and we can have plenty of Mommy Son Age Play Phone Sex!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alexis.
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